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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by DavidBHKD, May 29, 2019.

  1. DavidBHKD

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    DavidB checking in, I am a senior student of GM Hwang In Shik training out of Toronto Ontario Canada, [Link Removed]
    I will be available to answer any question regarding our style
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  3. DavidBHKD

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    hi, checking in, I am a senior student under Hwang In Shik in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am making myself available on this forum to answer any questions about his style.

    A quick search will provide GM Hwang's background, he is a second generation student of Hapkido when there still was only one school and it's head at that time was Master Choi.

    GM Hwang still teaches every day (M-F), and has dedicated his life to Hapkido exclusively, I have been training under him for 30 years. If you have any question on how an old school Master runs his club, ask away.

    David B.
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    Welcome to MAP David! We look forward to your input here.

    You might want to click on the Terms and rules button on the bottom right hand corner of every page. There you will find our Terms of Service regarding posting on MAP. :) I merged your posts to one thread as cross posting is not allowed. You had more information on one post, so that is why I moved it instead of other options.

    I put them in the Hapkido area post instead of introductions, since you opened the thread to discussing your lineage and the style.
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    David, a warm welcome to MAP. I’ve always thought Hapkido was a great style, so look forward to your posts.
  6. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Welcome. Eagle HKD has a great reputation. We used to have some Toronto HKD masters posting here frequently... awesome stuff. I had the chance to go up years ago and do a bit of training with Matt Rogers (who had trained under GM Hwang In-shik as well).... just top notch instruction!
  7. DavidBHKD

    DavidBHKD New Member

    Thanks Thomas, I know Matt, Its the same school. If you find yourself up here you should drop by the school and was a class lead by GM Hwang.
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  8. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I just might end up in the area again! Sure do love Toronto!
  9. Twisting

    Twisting Valued Member

    Matthew Rogers is an excellent teacher. He wrote a great article on Bong Soo Han in blackbelt.
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