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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Ikken Hisatsu, Feb 27, 2006.

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    so i got this off a mate the other day. first problem i ran into was that one of the files on the cd had a CRC error (cyclic redundancy check- basically corrupted data)and wouldnt install that file (because microsoft are so inept, they just crammed the whole game onto 4 cds and then literally copy and paste it from the cd to the hard drive instead of compressing it)

    so after using my fancy crc fixer thingy, i got it to work for the first level, then it has a CRC error at the end of that. great. so i try just shoving the texture file (the one causing the trouble) from the demo into the full game and voila, it worked. or at least it will until i get to the end of whatever level the demo ends at. either way i cant be bothered to fix it anymore, because:

    this game sucks. in fact it probably sucks harder than the first one which is no small thing since the first was such a travesty of an "RPG" (and i use that term ever so loosely)

    now dungeon siege 1 was a bit of a diablo 2 clone. DS2 is however a no holds barred, absolute, complete attempted rip off. i say attempted because even though they have had like 5 years to steal ideas from blizzard they STILL managed to stuff it up. the "skill" system is basic and boring, not to mention tacky. their attempts to stop it from being a screensaver like the first one means they nicked the "hold right click" idea off diablo 2 and failed to double it as a run key. nice one, gas powered games. you couldnt even steal a basic click command properly without stuffing it up.

    the camera is terrible, you cant see more than 10 feet in front of your character. not that you would want to because this game is UGLY. as in, it may just be worse on the eyes than the first one. this is with everything cranked up. even worse is that they use the in game graphics for the cut scenes and they look HORRIBLE. apart from one movie near the start that was slightly reminiscent of the desert scene in diablo 2, which was pre rendered.

    so yeah. on a scale of one to awesome this game scores a big fat "horrible". avoid. i wouldnt even buy this game from the bargain bin.
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    Microsoft games = teh suck.

    I got AOE3 off a mate. Tried playing it and it crashed every time. I gave up for 3 months.

    I then got a patch and managed to get into the game. Choppy ass graphics and major lag. I asked microsoft what the hell was wrong. Of course they blamed my graphics card etc etc. When I told them my graphics card was top shelf, they told me to update the drivers and some other basic crap that I did on the first day.

    Still havent got it to work properly so I gave up. Microsoft should really stick to making dodgy operating systems and software.
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    Got to agree. Dungeon seige was fun for a bit then it just became, run forward, kill stuff, buy stuff, run more, kill stuff etc. ANd one bit they just forgot to put in the track and so on so there was no way you could tell where to go or anything.

    Freelancer is quite a good game by them I must admit and maybe mechwarrior but other than that they suck. Impossible Creatures was a cool idea but they didn't refine it at all

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