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Discussion in 'Silat' started by 5thBrother, Dec 14, 2005.

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    Hi all.

    i just saw a drunken form clip on a white crane silat web site. It looked like it was made up, taking some imitation of chinese "cup hands", staggered steps and a few typical silat movements...

    but that got me to thinking, out of curiosity...

    are there any drunken forms / movements in any silat systems??

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    As far as I know, all Silat moves doesn't require you to get drunk first so I think it's a made total made up :)

    Seriously, there is no drunken movements in silat as far as I know :cool:
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    Gerakan Mabuk

    When I did Merpati Puteh, we had a drill called "Gerakan Mabuk" or drunken movements. It was done spontaneously after the practitioner harnessed energy. One knows the energy is moving by the spiral feeling inside the body. One allows the energy to move one's self.
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    White Crane Silat Is Made Up!

    Peace and blessings,

    There is only one White Crane Silat School on this planet and that is PGB Bangau Putih with headquarters in Kebon Jukut, Bogor, West Jawa. The system was created by (Suhu) Subur Rahardja in the 1950's and it is a development of Pek Ho Pai, Chinese white crane. However in Indonesia it is known as a silat school, not a wushu of kungfu school. Nowadays PGB is headed by Suhu Gunawan Rahardja, one of the late Suhu's sons and the school is represented in the USA and also in Europe. It is a very respected school in Indonesia.

    Although purists from the West tend to dismiss the school as not being silat, Indonesians appreciate the fact that the late legendary Suhu was the first silat teacher to accept students without discriminating on basis of ethnicity, family, religion, party and other aspects in the past used to discriminate. He also fought off the Japanese, the British and the Dutch shoulder to shoulder with the poorly armed Indonesian people in the Indonesian war of independence between 1945-1949. Apart from his family Chinese MA (kuntao) he also studied Cimande and a now (probably extinct) Lombok silat.

    I suppose the video you saw was of Thomas Dugenet who I believe trains in France. The drunken movement there is of Chinese origin and is not much different from the drunken master movie Jacky Chan did decades ago. How much of it is Chinese and how much Indonesian I can't tell as alot of what appears to be Indonesian does actually have Chinese origins like the 'traditional' black silat costume for example.

    The drunken movement that Thomas was demonstrating was one of the 'long movements' taught by PGB. Most people don't study all the 'long movements' in PGB as there are hundreds and each has a specific effect on character of the practitioner. Did you see Agustono do the monkey (monyet?) a shame the light in the vid is dim but the movement is still wow, in my opinion.

    In my opinion PGB Bangau Putih is the best of the good silat schools in Indonesia but I am biased as for over 20 years I have recieved guidance and training and often also board and lodging for free from this school. In many ways it is a traditional school where people eat, sleep, think, and dream silat. If you go to the Bogor training centre you will find people who have trained for 50 years plus.

    Lastly, are the moves made up? Yes, definitely they are made up. PGB Bangau Putih was made up by a genius who was an inheritor of a thousand years old system and studied several ancient Indonesian systems to completion as well. If you look at more PGB websites you will get a better picture.

    Warm Salaams to al,

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