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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FortuneFaded, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. FortuneFaded

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    Hey all,

    As some may know i'm a bit of, ask tons of questions kind of guy... anyway, i weigh 99kg(218lbs) and i'm 6ft, did a body fat ratio test and the results are as follow:

    Your body fat percentage=> 20.8%

    Your lean weight is => 172 lbs

    You have 45.4 lbs of fat on your body

    Now, i'd like to get down to 82kg-ish which is 186 pounds and my fat ratio to 15%, i've bin going to the gym, going and doing what i do, not really being too serious-as in, i have no 'real goal' or routine.

    So, this is what i've decided to do, get down to 82kg! i don't like having the same body fat % as a pig!

    Now whats the best way to achieve this?

    My gym is sufficently equipped, running machines, cycles, chest, leg presses etc, a basic but pretty decent gym.

    My diet, how should i change it? e've bin rather slack with my diet, thinking, heck i go to the gym....i don't need to change my diet however, i aint one for going to maccie d's or eating fish n chips.

    Since gym'n it, i've stopped drinking my daily excess amounts of coke and i'm enjoying plenty of water or fresh squeezed OJ, my diet at home is pretty healthy, chicken, porks, meats, tuna and veg-supplements for omega 6 oils and i've started taking multi vitamin pills too. My main concern is when i'm at college, kinda hard to eat healthy, what about bringing food? i end up with soggy sandwiches, any tips on what to eat thats easy to prepare, healthy and wont go soggy?

    Final end result wanted: flat chest and no man breasts...

    to summarize:
    would like to lose 20kg of weight (not in any paticular time period)

    I gym it for 4hrs a week and cycle for 2 hours (getting to and fro the gym)

    Need tips for eating healthy at college-away from home etc

    What cardio excersises to do to burn fat

    Once again, thanks for your time and input, and if you know of a link or thread, by all means, direct me towards it!

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  2. Novex

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    Sounds like you're doing all the right things.

    For diet try to get the majority of your carbs in the morning and at lunch and go light at night. Also go for wholemeal rather than white, more complex carbs; take longer to break down and keep you going longer!

    For lunches pasta or rice salads with chicken or fish in them are good, prepare them the night before and then no hassel in the morning.

    As for good Cardio workout there's nothing better than running, but! be carefull to pick your suface well as you quite heavy your knees will take a pounding if you run on a machine or roads, try to find a football pitch or a park to run around, and et out there at least 2 or 3 times a week. It might be better to loose the initial weight doing cycling or symming (or mix) then get running to get the body fat right down.
  3. holyheadjch

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    Eating healthy at college - something I havn't quite mastered yet, but generally make sure you are eating 5 portions of fruit or veg everyday, and rather than only eating one or two big meals a day eat six small ones. Skinless chicken breast is good and easy to cook, keep away from cheese and full fat milk, and kill the takeaways - you'll live longer.

    Exercises for fat burning - running, swimming and rowing, half an hour at a time 4 times a week.

    and dont bother with those fad diets, they're non sustainable
  4. KickChick

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    As Novex posted you seem to be doing fine. You're on the right track with paying attention to the diet first and foremost.

    Just eat healthier throughout the day ... plain & simple. No snackie junk stuff.... reducing your calorie intake. Good move in eliminating the soda and switching to water.... drinks lots of it!

    Since you are trying to lower the body fat % ... try incorporating more low fat dairy, calcium-rich food products (such as yogurt) into your diet. Studies have found that getting enough calcium in your diet seems to trigger the body to burn more fat and reduces the amount of new fat the body makes
    So its best to keep your calcium level up to also help you maintain your muscle mass and increase your fat loss.

    I also have to agree with Novex on running for cardio for burning those excess calories together with weight training.

    Just be sure to first look to the diet this is critical ... you want to lose fat, not muscle. Building muscle will help to burn calories, but it is often compromised during weight loss.

    Also ... the issue with soggy sandwiches. Keep them in air tight containers in a cooler bag. Keep "condiments" in separate container and add before you eat. This also goes for salads. Protein shakes are good too. Keep the 'powder' in a shake bottle and then all you have to do is add the liquid and shake it up. Also try "wraps" for sandwiches .... less carbs and makes for a healthier sandwich.
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  5. MattN

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  6. RobotBuddha

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    In terms of dieting while in college, I found this to be incredibly difficult especially if you eat at the cafeteria. When I ate at the college cafeteria I gained about 10-15 pounds. I lost it the next year by not eating meat at all there (unless if it was eggs or tuna). Meat tends to be one of the worst grades in cafeterias and avoiding it allowed me to remove hotdogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken/fish from my diet. Also social situations make you want to eat with your friends, if you do so, eat vegetables instead of a full meal. You get to eat with you friends but not put any excess calories in your diet.

    If you are cooking yourself, then salads and sandwiches are the best bet for fast foods. Also try cooking foods that will last you a long time, like hearty soups or chili. Instead of drinking juice, eat fruit, it contains more fiber which makes you digest better.
  7. BoredNow

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    I can't stand sandwiches for lunch - too many years at school, so to avoid piling on the pounds (and spending them) I make lunch each day.

    The key thing is to make a batch that you can split into 5 portions. If you have access to a microwave at lunchtime even better - then you can have a hot meal (rice/pasta and veg etc) which is good in the winter. In the summer, salads and pasta salad are the way forward. Remember to pack your fruit and (low fat) yoghurt too!

    It takes a bit of organising but is worth it in cost savings and healthiness.
  8. Lucius

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    I've mentioned it before, but I went from around 17 stone 9lbs (112kg) at Christmas 2003 to 14 stone 4lbs (91kg) by September 2004.
    All I did was eat less and excercise more.
    Specifically, I cut my daily calorie intake to 2100 initially, 2000 later when the weight loss slowed.
    I was already doiing 4-5 hours of Muay Thai a week, but I added 3 runs a week.
    30 minutes at a time to begin with.
    Outside as well. I've no idea how people can stick running on treadmills for 30 minutes or more. It would turn my brain to mush!

    It just takes time, patience and a bit of willpower. Good luck!
  9. tl Eric

    tl Eric I think I'll have a Tab

    I have done something similar as well. The hardest part is eating, it becomes hard to eat healthy living away from home and on the run etc. I found that doing a big grocery shopping session once a week was a good way to stay ahead. The main thing is to always be concious of your goals so you dont "slip" occasionally.

    Also, do something on the days you're not at the gym. Walk for an hour or play a game of football etc.
  10. MattN

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    I guess you could try having a meal replacement shake for lunch and other times when you can't eat healthy. Ultimate in portability.

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