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    I've added a Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag to my 'gym away from gym' and had a couple of questions for those of you who are familiar with them.

    The unfilled bag comes with two bungee cords and a quick testing set up showed that the bag will exhibit too much vertical motion (bouncing up and down) and have decided that using a rope to span the distance between the top carabiner (attached to top of bag) and the ceiling anchor.

    Being the double-end falls between the heavy bag and speed bag in its responsiveness and its utility in mimicking, as much as possible, the natural movements of an opponent, is there an ideal rope ( natural, synthetic, specialities such as kevlar, etc ), and given that an ideal thickness?

    Would a double-overhand noose from the carabiner at the ceiling anchor to a clove hitch knot at the top bag carabiner suffice or is there a better way, in your experience?

    Recommend using double-end swivels at both top and bottom (between the carabiners and the eyebolts? I will be drilling the concrete floor for a drop-in floor anchor and eye-bolt and plan to use a heavy-duty one inch bungee in a sling from the floor eyebolt/anchor to the bottom carabiner of the bag.

    Any suggestions and/or tips for a better, more natural moving double-end-bag setup would be greatly appreciated :)

    Also, using nitrogen in the air-bladder as opposed to air (nitrogen will not seep through the rubber as readily - less leakage, etc) worth the trouble?


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