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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Mister_Ball, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Mister_Ball

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    you go to your class, with your brother im my case. your a bit early so its only the instructer there and one of the most senior members. you warm up a bit, have a wee chat and so on. then it becomes starting time and oh wait, theres still only the four of you. Just had one of the best lessons iv ever had yesterday. Im fairly new to the whole muay thai world so my technique wasnt all it should be but last night was just straight one on one for an hour. getting my footwork right and my punches much better. I know i never became stronger in the space of a week so by the end of the class my attacks were so much stronger. Also done a lot of deffensive work getting my blocks much tighter.
    Sorry for the rather needless story but i felt i had to share it and where better than here! anyone else been lucky enough to have this happen to them? course you have but what was it like?
  2. philliphall

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    I had the same thing last night, rather than the usual 16 to 20 only 2 of us (plus the instructor) were there. Two hours of personal tuition for £4 so can't complain.
  3. Gary

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    When I was doing thai boxing in uni I always made the effort to go during exam time, the other students really slacked off training then which often left a class size of just a few of us, and I often got a couple of hours of one on one tuition for a fraction of what it would have cost me normally.
  4. quartermaster

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    Not related to Thai boxing but still...

    I always turn up at exam time when possible and I'm even living just down the road from the uni all summer so it's almost private classes for a few months until we get the new intake in October. This is going to be the best summer ever! :D
  5. sportmuaythai

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    In Thailand, one on one training is the norm.
  6. TomB

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    yeah thats great, its good when theres alot of people though aswell as you get a good atmosphere
  7. davethekodiak

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    Funny thing happened to me the other day. Same type of thing happened where it was me, another guy and the coach. Except this night was a night where my gym was hosting some fights. So all of these other fighters and trainers from around southern California was in the gym, and shorlty after we started sparring, they all gathered around the ring. That was a funny feeling. It fealt like it was my own fight. It really uped both of our games and the coach turned up the intensity, to show them what we are made of. That was the best night of training Ive had in a long while!

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