Don't flash your cash around!

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Thomas, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Thomas

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  2. lorenzodamarith

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    thomas, interesting story. guess some companies really ARE ripping us off.

    has this happened before in that town? is this common in other parts of the country?

    while caution is good, a report like this almost sends out the clarion call to other would-be criminals:

    "here is a new way to rob people!!!!!"

  3. holyheadjch

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    That's the oldest way of robbing people;

    1) see something they have that you want,
    2) take it
  4. Thomas

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    Potsdam is a pretty small and safe town. Most of the crime revolves around college kids (public urination, disorderly conduct, traffic violations, etc.) but we've had a few assaults over the years and recently a homicide. Also we've been experiencing a rash of burglaries... the area is still "old-fashioned" - many people leave doors unlocked (cars and homes) and are not very vigilant.
  5. John R. Gambit

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    Heh, I thought this was a British news report until I realized the OP is in NY. Damn East Coast with their British names. Also, I never knew "conspiracy" was a criminal charge in the US. Seems a little vague. I conspired to eat a piece of pumpkin pie after dinner tonight, and then executed my plan. Now I'm feeling bloated and need to go for a run, yet sufficiently sedated from the turkey not to do it.
  6. holyheadjch

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    If conspiracy wasn't a crime, then the people who plan crimes but paid others to execute them wouldn't be guilty of anything.
  7. John R. Gambit

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    Well, conspiracy of what is my point. Just calling it "conspiracy" seems funny to me.
  8. Thomas

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  9. Polar Bear

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    "Don't flash your cash around"

    Well Duh! It's like the first lesson you teach your kids when they go off on their own.

    The Bear.
  10. Hannibal

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    Conspiracy of the substantive charge - it's pretty self apparent
  11. Kuma

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    That's a Self Protection 101 lesson for the victim right there.
  12. altc

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    So true. I reckon most victims of crime learn lessons from the incidents. It is the hard way to learn a lesson.

    Its unfortunate that most people outsource their own security and safety. To the police. They police aren't going to be there at the time of an incident. All they can do is investigate it. The damage is done by then. Many people dont realise that.

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