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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by saru1968, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    After not being happy with the frappr map of Dojo locations, I've taken the information there and placeed by area on this forum software..

    Currently it covers all the areas in England, Scotland and Wales (i think!).

    At the moment is basically website links and email addys, so feel free to post your Dojo venue details and training times and any info on other dojos not include or Dojos that no longer teach please feel free to post in the relevant thread.

    I've also included a seminar listings by monthly basis.



  2. Senban

    Senban Banned Banned

    Hi Gary

    Just in the process of joining and adding details now. Thanks for going to all that effort for us all.
  3. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    Well i got so fed up looking for Dojo listings all over the place.

    So hopefully it will be a good network, we can see what seminars are on and where.

    please feel free to check out the listings in the local area and any spelling mistakes.

    Some info is still missing but i will check all the lsiting one by one, just takes a little while.

    I'm sure i'm missing a few in Wales though.

  4. Senban

    Senban Banned Banned

    I've just popped some seminar details on there as well to get things rolling. Plus PMd you about some slight errors.
  5. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Nice one Gary.
  6. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    feel free to post the corrections under the offending entry or even how you want your entry to look like and i can just delete my entry.



  7. eternalseeker

    eternalseeker Valued Member


    I think this is a fantastic idea - thanks. What a great resource!

    BTW have PM'd you about something too....


  8. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    yep found it and deleting it.

  9. soggybottom boy

    soggybottom boy Valued Member

    Well done Gary :) It is an excellent idea
  10. fallenangel

    fallenangel New Member

    Nice forum :)
  11. LongShot1219

    LongShot1219 New Member

    For place to train in Brazil, here is alittle collection of our Dojos:

    Just in case anyone packs a GI on their summer vacation around here!...
    (New South American Map due to come up in a couple of months, will post when done)

    Until then...
    Happy Trainning!
  12. elftengu

    elftengu Banned Banned

    First we had BJK, then we had BJJ, and now we have BNJ :D

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