Does your school teach weapons?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by kempo penguin, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. mekosho

    mekosho New Member

    We start with padded weopons at white belt as then move onto to the real deal as we progress...we learn escrima as a primary in our dojo, but there is also emphasis on many traditional as well as non traditional weopons also...
  2. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    We do some staff/chucks/sticks work, but just the basics.
  3. FatalFist

    FatalFist New Member

    yeh at our school we do weapons, i have begun the kali sticks and am purple belt, and have green belts doing katana's, bo's and kama's, we also have nunchaku and knife...
  4. shoto-kali

    shoto-kali The Chosen One

    my son's taking kenpo, and in their class they're using nunchuck and arnis/escrima stick fighting.
  5. JTiedes

    JTiedes Wielder of the Wiffle.

    i go to an edparker kenpo school. at brown belt you start weapons training. the only things that are taught as a part of the cirriculum are bo and katana. our instructors also teach chucks, kamas, sabres, and escrimas. its all a matter of what you want to learn and how much time you want to spend on it. i am teaching myself axe for my creative kata and for fun
  6. kenpoist

    kenpoist New Member

    We start with the sticks (escrima) and eventually work toward the long staff (bo).
    I have previously trained with the nunchuckus and the sai. :woo:
  7. Kenporichi

    Kenporichi New Member

    Kenpo Penguin

    Kenpo Penguin, thought that "Armed Vs Unarmed" was unfair.
    The idea behind the 3rd phase of weapon training analysis is to cover all the bases, you may have just disarmed your adversary who may still pose a real threat to you even "unarmed", so you had better be able to use the weapon efficiently.
    I "now" teach weapons (club / baton) at Yellow Belt.
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  8. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    We learn the traditional kobudo weapons, plus others like the balisong and chop sticks.
  9. Tigermoth

    Tigermoth New Member

    Since kenpo is a self defense oriented style I think most instructors(not all) choose practical weapons that could be found on the street. Bo, escrima/arnis sticks, knifes, canes. We've also been taught the value of everyday objects like car keys, lanyards(keychains). Ours also teaches nunchaku and swords not that I've ever seen nunchakus laying in the supermarket parking lot. We haven't learned it but our instructor knows how to disarm someone with a handgun. But remember there're different kinds of kenpo and it all depends on the teacher. Since kenpo has such diverse origins most weapons work well with it. I learned the sais on my own and they fit perfectly into my master form. :) We have just now started incorporating weapons into our curriculum. Since there are so many weapons to learn we usually have to learn from him after actual class on our own time. He doesn't charge extra, but that would depend on the instructor too.
  10. Noodlesoup

    Noodlesoup New Member

    Chinese broadsword, Bo, Kwan Dao and knives :D
  11. Bill Lear

    Bill Lear New Member

    I'm not familiar with Kwan Dao. What are they? :eek:
  12. Noodlesoup

    Noodlesoup New Member


    Kwan Dao, also called halbard i think, not sure. :D
  13. Bill Lear

    Bill Lear New Member

    Ah, okay a halberd. Thanks.

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