Does your kickboxing gym/org allow low kicks?

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Adam, Apr 4, 2004.


Does your kickboxing allow low kicks?

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  1. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    course you do low kicks because you now train in Muay thai!!!

    cant see a lau gar stylist being taught to low kick properly to be honest (i.e. thai style) :p

    not being offensive just beign honest

    also i never see lau gar fighters competing in low kick kickboxing or in muaythai
  2. Aaren J

    Aaren J New Member

    Why would you say that?
  3. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    come on mate lets be honest now,
    the lau gar roundhosue kick is a "flick the leg out"
    the Muay thai roundhouse is whip those hips round and make them FEEL the shin!

    ive been following the MT scene now and i dont see XYZ lau gar club entering fighters under those rules.

    There has been K-1UK and K1MAX UK for years now, which lau gar figthers have been fighting on them?

    Lau gar / muay thai
    totally different styles
    they may go well togetehr if someone practises both
  4. Claudinha

    Claudinha Valued Member

    We do.

    We do low kicks all of the time. Round kicks to the leg...teep and side kicks to the upper leg and or body. But kicks directly to the knee (although we are taught these ) are not allowed. Neither do we spar with elbows (but train in them also). I have only seen a few people spar with knee strikes, but even they only did side knees with the inside of the thigh instead of full on knee strikes. Plus we only spar kickboxing and shootbox-style at 3/4-1/2.
  5. Adam J

    Adam J Masked Ninja

    Yes but No , we are taught them along with elbows knees, and some grappling, etc.

    Its rare that we use them in sparring but it does happen, we never use elbows/knees/SBF though in sparring probably for reasons mentioned above.

    Obviously though when it comes to tournaments though we eveyone has to understand they cant use these and all techniques must be above waist height, with exceptions of sweeps.
  6. Bobyclumsyninja

    Bobyclumsyninja New Member

    We do them, but with throws also in San Da, we have to be careful not to be reckless. It's best to set them up with punches, or vice versa, on their own, they are an invite to catch and counter, or a throw. we are taught shin kicks , like muay they really feel it.

    EDIT: I study san da (chinese kickboxing), what's lau gar? San da is kickboxing with throws (more or less), at least here in the Eastern USA.
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  7. Daniel84

    Daniel84 Valued Member

    we do them in class and class training, we don't do them in squad training or competitions we enter as a squad though due to rule restrictions.

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