Does anyone still take Frank Dux seriously?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Jocky Balboa, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    I think anyone who really believes Frank's claims are either really gullible or a real newby to the martial arts. I believe almost all of his claims have been proven either worthless or extremely overstated.
  2. HBKirishwarrior

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    Hilirous!! I have seen the first one, but the second one, that new to me! Love it!

    On serious side, nope frank dux is a fraud in my opinion. there is many things that dux did looks impossible, maybe his math isn't his strong subject. if he gonna exaggerating, at least put some realistic numbers. i never believe dux, never will be. Van Damme is my favorite martial arts, even he hasn't made great movies in long time, i love bloodsport, kickboxer, the quest, and hard target. I wish i could spar van damme for 1 hour 1 day. Osu!
  3. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    "Still" take him seriously?

    I found his claims just to the existence of the supposed tourney suspect all those years ago when the story was first published-( in Black Belt,I think).No one else in the world knew about it.

    What I found really hilarious was when "Bloodsport" came out it was advertised as based on a true story.Evidently the films makers chose to ignore what the magazine editors had written,that they had no idea if it was true but it was a good story so they were publishing it.

    By the time the film was made there had been enough enquiries and questions asked that there was no reason for anyone to buy into it.

    Except Hollywood and gullible kids.(I don't blame the kids).
  4. shadow_priest_x

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    I was waiting for someone to acknowledge that fine bit of humor!

    Always have been a Van Damme fan and always will be. Bloodsport and Kickboxer especially have an eternal place in my fond childhood memories and I can quote a good bit of both from memory.

    I only wish that VD would stop trying to be an action star and realize that he needs to be making martial arts movies, even if they are straight-to-video. He's getting older but I think he can still throw some good kicks. . .

    Not sure if you've heard of JCVD, but it was recently released and has actually gotten some very good reviews.
  5. Matt B

    Matt B Valued Member

    I had no idea he was a real person! I just thought it was an enjoyably OTT JCvD film! One i must get a DVD copy of i might add. Will go nicely on a romantic evening in with my other half and a the DVD of Kickboxer i already have :p
  6. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    What's really funny about part one of his interview in MAI is that he says the taped evidence regarding this "Kumite" was stolen by the interviewer, right from under his nose, despite the fact that Dux AND a colleague were supposedly giving the interview in the small confined space of a dojo!

    In otherwords, in order to buy into his story, you have to believe that an interviewer with no Martial Arts training was able to pick up both recorders (think of those 1980's style tape machines and I'm sure you get the picture!) AND outrun Dux and his colleague, carrying them both under his arm... :rolleyes:

    This man has one hell of a brass neck, to continually come up with so many lies, that's all I can say.
  7. kombatmaster777

    kombatmaster777 Valued Member

    Frank Dux may or may not be a fraud. he was was a fighter.

    Now gentleman, Frank is a bonified hustler.

    Here's a little true story for y'all that I just verified with my father and mother a few minutes ago.

    In October this year my father had his birthday at my sifus resturant.
    Frank Dux was there with his wife because his daughter works for my situ as a waitress. Frank was a guest at my dads table. after a few good fight stories and drinks, he tried to make my father sign (Hollywood style) a napkin /contract making him a part of my dad and moms company, there was something else but I didn't ask. Frank was running my dads table and had a lawyer at his side talking about contracts (god knows why). My mom (philipina represent) didn't buy into his ********. He proposed a movie script that sounded pretty good to a lot of people there but needed funding ect. My mom yelled at this motha****a after trying to politely reason with him and tell him that she is half owner of the company and he is not in LOL. Everyone was looking at my mom because frank was very persistent and she had to resort to yelling to keep him from totally destroying the night. My 5'4 mother yelled frank out of the resturant, he wanted to slug her so bad, and got him outta there.

    My mom has these crazy philippino sensory where she can tell if it being genuine or fake. She told me that frank and his wife where pretending to be something they were not.

    Ironically, a few days after the incident my sifu had to fire franks daughter for dealing drugs to the customers lol.

    There is more to the story but I'm too lazy to type it.

    My sifu was an actor for 20 years and worked with van dam. I don't wann be a buzz kill to van dam lovers so I won't mention anything my sifu told me about vd. LOL
  8. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    Well, Part 2 of his MAI interview came out last week and there's even more crap in it. Not only does he put the complete lack of evidence behind his claims down to the CIA's "secrecy and denials", but the MAI editor Bob Sykes ridicules a reader who shot down Dux's claims (Sykes replies by saying "...Frank Dux is Frank Dux. He's so famous, they even made a film about him...blah...blah" but makes no attempt whatsoever to justify his belief in Dux's story)

    You're saying Dux's daughter is a drug pusher? That's a VERY serious allegation. I hope the evidence speaks for itself. After all, we wouldn't want big bad Dux and his lawyers coming after you, would we? Then again, if he can't outrun a guy carrying 2 large tape recorders under his arm... :woo:

    I've heard a few stories about VD and his Coke days. He also comes across as a crackpot in his interviews. Care to share anything?
  9. HBKirishwarrior

    HBKirishwarrior Valued Member

    Same here! bloodsport and kickboxer has a place in my childhood memories. Van Damme did made another martial arts movie called kumite abt 2 years ago and i dont know what happen, it disappeared from imdb without explaination! Yeah i heard about JCVD and i'm waiting for dvd release bse i'm deaf so dvd has subtitles for me to read.

    that awesome that your sifu worked with van damme. I'm not that native, i know van damme sometime can be, well, i'm not gonna say it. We are all humans and we had good days and bad days, i'm sure van damme is very nice person most of the time. I envy your sifu for meeting van damme in the past!

    Screw Frank Dux, if your story is true, then he seem to be a fake, self-centered aggorant. Dux will always be a fraud in my eyes and many others people's eyes. Kudo to your sifu and his wife.
  10. shadow_priest_x

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    Yeah, I heard about Kumite and he was also rumored to be doing a new Bloodsport film for a while, but SO MANY of the projects that he's supposedly working on end up getting cancelled.

    Now, here's an UPDATE!

    I saw JCVD this weekend at a small indie theater here in Salt Lake City. It was great! Don't expect a lot of martial arts because it's not that kind of movie . . . though he does throw a few kicks and there's constant talk about his karate experience. The movie is GREAT and very unlike anything else he's done before. I am very happy to see him getting a good critical reception for the first time in over a decade.

    Here's a link to a short but accurate review:

    And get this! TIME Magazine actually called his performance the #2 movie performance for 2008, right behind Heath Ledger as the Joker:,30583,1855948_1864351_1864363,00.html
  11. shadow_priest_x

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    Has anyone here ever seen a demonstration of Dux-ryu ninjitsu (his spelling, not mine) or known anyone who's studied it? I know that there was a university club a while back that taught classes but I'm not sure how much further Dux's creation has proliferated.
  12. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    Hopefully not far, imagine how much ego he would have injected into that style, he'll have convinced his students that they are Gods among men, when we all know that accolade can only be claimed by Shotokan warriors.
  13. HBKirishwarrior

    HBKirishwarrior Valued Member

    Thanks for link! Can't wait for dvd release at blockbuster! Yeah that sucks about kumite being cancelled. all that $$$ and i heard bolo yueng was in it (not sure if rumor is true or not) being wasted. They were really hype that movie, supposing to be best since bloodsport, and then bam, gone.. disappeared.. like it never happen.
  14. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Perhaps one of you can answer a question about JCvD.

    Soon after arriving on the US film scene,he made claims of having been a European kickboxing champion.When no such record could be found,he said he'd fought under a different name.Which I don't recall him giving.

    Was this ever verified?I don't recall ever hearing anything.
  15. shadow_priest_x

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    Well, one thing that might contribute to the situation is that, as you may know, his birth name is not Van Damme, it's Van Varenberg. So if people are looking for info under "Van Damme" they're not likely to find anything.

    Wikipedia actually has a fairly detailed write up on his fight history and a complete account of his record, including who his opponents were and the year and organization in which the fights took place. I know that Wikipedia is not always reliable, but generally speaking I do trust it and believe that bad information is generally weeded out pretty quickly.
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  16. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    Oh, how this man has one hell of a brass neck!

    Part 2 of the MAI interview has Dux explain why he's so secretive about who he teaches, stating that "I'm very selective, because I can still rip your eyeball out of it's socket and choke you with it, before you can even blink."

    What's even more astounding though, is the fact that he can inflict blindness upon you in the, ahem, blink of an eye, yet cannot catch a reporter who has made off with 2 large tape recorders under his arm... :rolleyes:

    I have to say however, that I am very disappointed with MAI Editor Bob Sykes and his attitude to a reader who had the audacity to question Dux's boasts. Sykes ridiculed him and said that "Dux is so famous, they even made a movie about him. That movie was Bloodsport." I expected better from an editor of a long-established MA magazine.
  17. shadow_priest_x

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    Apparently there's a school in San Francisco:

    I'd be interested in watching their training sessions just 'cause. I'm sure it would be entertaining and I'd like to see if they're learning at least SOME sort of actual fight skills. I'd also be curious to know what the students of Dux-Ryu think about all the controversy surrounding their patriarch.

    And LOL at "Shotokan warriors."
  18. Jocky Balboa

    Jocky Balboa Valued Member

    Like lemmings, they will undoubtedly all follow their master with blind worship, simultaneously proclaiming "we KNOW it's all true, cuz Dux is da roxxor!"
  19. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    He's just another Ashida Kim and should be treated in the same manner, ie with contempt.

    As for Sykes, sure the guy is a sell our for carrying out the interview, this much is obvious, but you have to remember that printed publications like MAI are dropping like flies. Say what you will about him, but the dude's got us talking about his magazine and I wonder if any of the readers of this thread went out and paid for the magazine to read the controversy for themselves.
  20. shadow_priest_x

    shadow_priest_x Moved on

    I am disinclined to believe the vast majority of his claims. With that said, I am also the sort of person who never claims to know anything for sure until I know something for sure. Books and "research" debunking a topic come out all the time and sometimes the debunkers themselves are debunked in the end.

    Comparing him to Ashida Kim seems a little harsh. When I was a kid I was WAY into the ninja thing and had anything ninja related I could get my hands on: Sho Kosugi movies, Stephen Hayes books, loads of weapons and uniforms and tabi boots from my local MA supply store . . . and yes, Ashida Kim books, including but not limited to . . . NINJA MIND CONTROL!!!!

    Anyway, going back and looking at Kim's books is laughable. He himself is the personification of the descriptive term "sniveling weasel" and the fighting techniques he describes are a joke.

    Conversely, while I admit I haven't seen him first hand, I have at least heard anecdotal reports that--even if he never won the kumite or broke bulletproof glass with him bare hands--the man can throw a mean kick and has some legitimate martial arts skills. Again, I can't confirm this, but there is one bit of evidence that he is at least a competent martial artist: He was a technical adviser for Bloodsport and helped to train Van Damme for the movie. By that time, Van Damme was already a long-time Karate practitioner and tournament competitor, so I'd argue that he would've been able to detect MEGA MA BS if that's what Dux was trying to spread around.

    I'm pretty sure that most of what Dux has said happened . . . didn't. But I will say this: If even a good fraction of his claims are true, I feel bad for the guy about the utter wrath of God that has come down on him from the MA community.

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