Does anyone know of jishukan ryu

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by DaleTheMachine, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. DaleTheMachine

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    Jishukan ryu is a fairly new martial art (less than 100 years old) combining elements from jujutsu, kempo and jodo. Website link removed. We can discuss whether anyone else has experience with this style without shilling for its website.

    I am just wondering if anyone else studies this martial art and maybe we can have a chat about it. :cool:
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  2. Pretty In Pink

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    Never heard of it. What it's like? Much sparring?
  3. DaleTheMachine

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    Its more of a self defence based martial art, so not much sparing is involed, its pretty much a mixture of traditonal jujustu and kempo, since its a tradional art we do alot of kata, but we apply parts of our kata in self defence situations (eg a king hit, someone grabbing your shirt and laying into you etc.). I like it 'cause its learn and fighting at the same time. But I'm a nerd so.... Yeah. ;)
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    Google does wonders.

    From what I had read, interesting. but like many arts, there is turmoil once the head instructor passes
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    :confused: No offense, but that makes no sense whatsover.

    Self defence based arts, like all martial arts, should have sparring involved IMO. Now if you are doing a performance art, like modern Wushu, it may not be needed. But any art purporting to teach fighting needs sparring of some type.

    No disrespect inteded towards your art, but I just strongly disagree with your above statement. Particularly the way it is said like it is a given or the logical conclusion that sparring is not a part of self defense martial art.
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  7. Dean Winchester

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    It depends on how sparring is defined, there is the argument that from an SD point of view sparring keeps you in the habit of staying engaged and not seeking escape at an opportune moment and that you develop a dueling mentality of trading blows back and forth.

    Some would see scenario based resistance training as being more valuable from a self defence perspective.
  8. Dean Winchester

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    Are your kata one or two person forms?
  9. DaleTheMachine

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    Is this supposed to make sense?

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