Does anyone know bout Kipas Senandung?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by jameskorst, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. jameskorst

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    im new in silat.. just take my silat class last month, n yet in a month and i found 1 very interesting aspect of silat.. what my colleague say one of highly reagarded skill n technique in silat.. a "permainan" that consist of physical n metaphysics aspect, that is Kipas Senandung.. can someone enlighten me on this technique??

    P/s: sorry for the broken english..
  2. CQC

    CQC Arsenal Gear's A.I

    Yeah,I've heard that one too.Supposedly,only a handful of Gayong Malaysia's student's know about this if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    I've not heard of this. Strange term, literaly 'the hum of the fan' or could it mean 'the hum that cools' :confused: Can any native Malay speakers please correct me or enlighten us :)
  4. resmi padi

    resmi padi New Member

    i've heard about it a few times before. they say this is the technique which Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman (founder of Silat Gayong Malaysia) used to beat Bruce Lee when the two fought in Hong Kong airport.
    a friend of mine once showed me the basics of the technique, but i do not know whether he is right or not. it was a normal punch, but when it connects with the opponent's body, you twist your wrist 180 degrees, and then pull back (sorry i dont know how to make this clearer). just like when you stab someone with a kris, once the blade gets into the body, you twist the blade to make a big hole in your opponent's body before puling it out.
    but as i said, i do not know whether this is the real technique or not. maybe my friend just want to show off or something ...... but still, it could be true.
  5. asli

    asli New Member

    i've heard about it a few times before. they say this is the technique which Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman (founder of Silat Gayong Malaysiaused to beat Bruce Lee when the two fought in Hong Kong airport.
    and so i've heard pretty much the same..
    maybe we could listen more if there are some gayong malaysia's guys here that wanna share their story/experience about this technique..
    any anak2 gayong here? :rolleyes:
  6. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    I had never heard this before. Where did you get this story from?
  7. Abdullah1881

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    ive also heard this from some of the most senior murids of Dato Meor who were very close to him during his life. people say if u are hit wth kipas senandung, u die after 40 days.
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  8. resmi padi

    resmi padi New Member

    when I was writing my first post before, I knew if I put up this story, someone would question it later. so here goes...

    I cant remember where and when I first heard about this fight between Dato Meor and Bruce Lee, but one thing for sure is that I've heard it a few times from different sources. but none of the sources are 100% reliable, so the authenticity of this story is somewhat uncertain.

    so the story begins with Dato Meor on his way to somewhere overseas (London if i've not mistaken) from Malaysia. to get there, he needed to transit in Hong Kong. so while waiting for his plane in Hong Kong airport, Bruce Lee found out about dato Meor being there and went over to see him.

    the two sat down and talked, exchanged ideas etc. then they started to challenge each other. and so they fought. they fought there and then, without even getting off their chairs. during the fight, Dato Meor got the opportunity to use the Kipas Senandung technique on Bruce Lee, which sent Bruce Lee flying off his chair.

    after that, the two went off on their own ways. and they never met again. but Bruce Lee later sent an invitation to Dato Meor to star in one of his films (I dont know which one). Dato Meor humbly turn down the invitation and told all other Gayong students to not accpet any acting invitations from Bruce Lee. he did this because he was certain that the movie will show Jeet Kune Do beating up Silat Gayong.

    in fact, one of the speculation on Bruce Lee's mysteriuos death was that it was due to the devastating power of this Kipas Senandung. Dato Meor was no ordinary person, and when he did it on Bruce Lee, that could have been the most powerful Kipas Senandung which level no one else could have achieved. however, this speculation was the least spread in order to keep Bruce Lee's high reputation.

    like I said before, I cant remember where exactly I heard this story from. most probably it was from the Seni Beladiri magazine (a martial arts magazine in Malaysia). but a lot of my silat friends know about this story either. even friends who are from other silat than Gayong. I've never asked my Gayong instructor, though.

    if there is any other Gayong students out there who knows more about this stuff, please post your story.

  9. Moridin

    Moridin New Member

    But Lee's dead, so how can we prove this? Are there any newspapers that mention it from the year that it happened? Any magazine or photos from when it happened?
  10. resmi padi

    resmi padi New Member

    there's no way we can prove this. bruce lee is dead, and so is dato meor. in fact, this (why/how bruce lee died) has been talked about so many times before.

    dato meor is a very humble person, so there is no way he is going to tell just about anybody about this incident. i bet he didnt even talked about it to anybody. only those who were with him at that time told others about it.
  11. Moridin

    Moridin New Member

    How convenient. If he was humble, then those who where there should have respected his values and keep it quiet. But if one teacher can say "my teacher beat this guy", then it would always be good for bu$iness.

    So who was smart enough to take pictures?
    Any material to prove it up that they even met eachother at Hong Kong Airport?
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  12. Moridin

    Moridin New Member

    This article in Silat Melayu magazine mentions Datuk Meor and Bruce Lee's relationship.
  13. jameskorst

    jameskorst New Member

    other silat that hav kipas senandung..


    interestingly, ive heard the same too.. mayb thats y bruce lee gave full authority to teach Jeet kun do to Dan innosanto, since his art is slat maphilindo.. it just a rumors though.. n also ive heard the rumors bout ****y zulkarnain from indonesia beat bruce lee... too many version though.. from what i heard, mostly agree that dato' meor beat bruce lee, but not to the point killing him.. bruce lee interested in silat n go challange a silat actor from indonesia, ****y zulkarnain.. then they fought.. bruce lee lost to zulkarnain superior batin.. then bruce lee consume drugs to relieve his pain from zulkarnain's devastating punch, (n u know there r some kinda punch that infilict pain, not to your physical, but to ur inner state..) so, the rest is history.. bruce lee died bcoz of xcessive use of drug that supposed to relieve his pain that of coz, didnt work on him.. <-- this is what my Jurulatih told me

    btw, i found that, not only Gayong that hav this type of knowledge.. i also encounter other type of silat that claim they possesed this knowledge also.. eg: silat cekak from malaysia.. can someone share if their perguruan hav technique similar to those gayong n cekak?
  14. CQC

    CQC Arsenal Gear's A.I

    No.As far as I know,Silat Cekak doesn't have any techniques named as "Kipas Senandung",nor did they claimed they know this techniques.
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  15. RedBagani

    RedBagani Valued Member

    Bruce Lee

    The stories about the cause of Bruce Lee's death is truly fascinating. Aside from stories about pesilat, karateka & kung fu guys defeating the "Dragon", here in the Philippines, there must be four or five guys who also claim to have beaten him. Whew! After all the beatings that Bruce Lee got from these stupendous fighters, it was no wonder he died so young.
  16. jameskorst

    jameskorst New Member

    Penamat in silat


    i think ive read about silat cekak that claimed they have knowledge in kipas senandung.. i think its in a magazine named "seni beladiri" from malayasia, where their guro utaema from cekak hanafi claimed that their penamat is concluded in 4 deadly technique.. 1st one is Ibu gayong, mother to all movement, where u can "tumpang gerak", "bunuh gerak", "main gerak", "tipu gerak" <-- (from what i understand from my guro..), hope i can achieved this level as most pesilat n kuntaoers looking 4 it.. :rolleyes: 2nd is Kipas Senandung, 3rd is sendi gendang, n 4th is bisik semak.. my friends translate it to me.. hope its true though.. btw, correct me if i made mistake... im open to all critics..
  17. CQC

    CQC Arsenal Gear's A.I

    Can you ask your guru or any of your friends who actually have that article to scan it and put it here (I know Malay too,so I can translate the article too.)?This is something new for me since as far as I know, Silat Cekak Hanafi only teaches its students 21 self defense buah and only at the end of their studies, the Silat Cekak's students will be handed down the single buah serang (offensive move).
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  18. resmi padi

    resmi padi New Member

    i've trained in cekak for just about 6 months, so i dont know much about those high level techniques they have. but from what my ex-teacher said, cekak is 99% defensive, and has only one offensive technique. that technique will be taught once a student has mastered all the 21 defensive buahs. and they claimed that if you dont block then you will get hit, but if you do block, you will still get hit. :eek: :rolleyes:

    i have lots of friends who have completed their cekak training, but none has ever said anything about kipas senandung / sendi gendang / bisik semak / ibu gayong.....
  19. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    What are we talking about here, I’m guessing it’s not as simple as striking a few points or the physical manner in which you strike the points i.e. direction etc.
    If it is true that this technique can not be blocked then I must assume you are talking about energy manipulation of some type since it can not be blocked, at least not by most.
    What are the reported symptoms of this strike, does it result in death? It could be a number of things but I get the feeling that it’s a knowledge of how to seal a point.
  20. resmi padi

    resmi padi New Member

    any cekak guys here want to clarify?

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