does anyone here practice bagua?

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Taiji_Lou, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Interesting. I have heard of Daoist magic charms being used to bring change of weather.
    Supposely you put your intent and Qi into it: Qi sui yi dong 气随意动。

    I think of it as religious ceremony practice and not based in science.
    Some of that religious stuff gets pretty heavy.
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    Hello all.

    I am also interested in learning the internal arts. I have recently moved to "middle of nowhere" Wyoming, from So. California, and there happens to be an instructor in my area. However, I cannot find any information about him, his lineage, instructors, etc. His name is Dr. Tim Sheehan and his site is:

    Has anyone trained with him in Baguazhang or any of the other arts listed on his site or does anyone have any information about him and the origins of his Kung Fu?

    Thank you.
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    Bagua is one of the best stand-up arts if done correctly.

    It can easily supplement your Tai Chi, but less is more. Spend a lot of time learning and perfecting single palm change and its numerous applications.

  4. cheng oi

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    I do it - I am more interested in it all the time -
    I have stopped all other schools & will spend the rest of my life working on this - & my Taiji of course - I'll do both everyday for the rest of my life
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    I've tried Bagua. I didn't much care for it-it just didn't appeal to me much. It could be that my teacher wasn't very good though. I would certainly try it again with a better teacher. :) The Chinese MAs are quite interesting.
  6. cheng oi

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    I do a lot of linear

    Bagua has a lot of good Qigong as well -- like jiulongbaguazhang website or
    ninedragonbaguazhang you can see qigong
    -------- really any bagua posture

    I saw a guy out of the corner of my eye 1 time for about 1 second & he was doing xing yi really slow

    if i was going to do qigong though - I would balance left & right

    the palms are strengthening postures
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