Does anyone have any " Fred Villari" clips?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by shaolinmonkmark, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Yeah he "looked good" with his hands raised in the air after the fight.
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    Hi Gary, I didn't want to mention this before so I didn't, it sounds like name dropping because it's Joe Lewis, so if it's viewed as name dropping, lol, what the hell, who'll like the story.

    In the 80's I was heavily involved with a police defensive tactics association and we were doing seminars with the likes of LEO/martial art icons like Joe Hess, great guy and one tough s.o.b., I say that respectfully, lol. I was given the opportunity to have a meet with Joe Lewis. The organization wished to have him come aboard as an advisor to tournament sparring. Although we were based in police defensive tactics and officer survival, we also had other divisions to diversify and bring in more people and interests. Kathy and I went to meet Joe and his wife Kim in Greenfield, Ma. after he did a seminar. It was in the late fall '87. Joe was the type that would not join any association by mail or phone, he said he wanted to be able to look the person right in the eye when he spoke with them. That's all I had to hear, lol. I'm the type of guy that doesn't get intimidated but I won't b.s. anyone here by saying I wasn't nervous to meet this guy, I was. I heard some of the stories so I was thinking, what if he doesn't like me, geez, and I was a bit on the apprehensive side to say the least, lol, hell, who wouldn't be in my position? It's Joe Lewis, you know the guy who knocked on Bruce Lee's door and had words with him and was ready 'to go' over an incident (with Joe's first wife, not Kim).

    Anyway, we met in a hotel lounge and then drove to a bar/restuarant. The girls left together for a while, you know, the girl thing, shopping or something. Joe and I went for a ride ourselves during the course of the night, he liked corvettes, I had one at the time so he took it out with me. Needless to say the stories, from what I experienced were not true, not even close. A down to earth, humble guy, easy to get along with and he and his wife made Kathy and I feel very comfortable. She was really nice. The night went off without a hitch.

    I remember discussing some police defensive tactic techniques and Joe related them to jiu jitsu and he asked m to move out from the booth we were in to demonstrate (in this workingman's type bar setting, we got a few looks but nothing threatening, lol) so we started doing a few techniques. Bottom line, he did agree to join our group. Just before leaving I confessed to him that we were nervous about meeting him, that he might not like us. You know what he said? He said Kim and I were talking before the meeting and we we nervous about meeting you guys, whether you would like us... Alright...that's the type of guy Joe Lewis is. He also told us something that impressed him about us. He said we were the only ones he has met in this type of situation that didn't have a camera out to take a picture or an autograph to sign. Mr. Lewis, you are my kind of badass karate guy! - With the utmost respect always, Joe Shuras
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    Hi Joe,
    When I mentioned the Interview, in the book "The Masters Speak". What you are saying is what I got from the interview, a down to earth person.

    Nice that you took the time to post your story.


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    It's cool that you can always get the same things from books that others get in person.
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    You are right it is cool, the article was well written. Joe backs up what I felt and mentioned about the article prior to his post.

    I would think Joe Lewis, will be at the HOF in July, that is being put on by the Tracy's.

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    This is a different thread altogether. Just an observation, it is unique to the Kenpo lineages for the most part to see obese "masters." Obviously, there are exceptions and I have seen some overweight upper ranks sprinkled among other styles. I hope to get better with age. Others look like they are rotting away.

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    Some people only get better with age:

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    Dan W and Dan T, It is pretty obvious that you are going to ruin this thread and right after the Moderator asks for you to keep it respectful. :confused:

    Why not just go back to BS and leave it there?

    John B would not allow this on his forum, I am sure Dan T would not want it on his site. It is interesting how you are winding around, so why do it here?
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    Maybe you can show me where I was being disrespectful Gary.
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    Gary, I'm sure you can console Dave Simmons when you see him at the Gathering of Egos--er--Eagles III.
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    I hate out of shape LARPing Ke?poists as much as the next guy, but that pic really was uncalled for and unnecessary. I mean the timing was perfect, and great execution with the photoshop...but.....ah screw it, who am I kidding, that was hilarious :rolleyes:
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    Alrighty. First off, Armen Heroian is a 9th degree now. He got his black belt in 1974. When he came out to CA in 1985, he was just tested for 4th degree. He never went to a black belt workout with Mr. Mattera...he answered to FV. He ran a Fred Villari's Studios...not a United Studios. However, his 1st and 2nd degree both say United Studios. You may see "dude" as a term of disrespect, but see, I'm a Californian...I surf...I call everyone dude. Sorry you see that as disrespect. I personally don't care if you call me little girl or kid. Whatever you want to call me is fine. I don't care. It's just a name. Second of all, I never said I had a problem with you. If I did, I would have taken it to a PM and not gotten my panties in a bunch like you just did over a silly word...dude. You wrote a post to me that was to in effect, make me feel as if I didn't know what I was talking about, and somehow, someway, you know more than I do. Third of all, since you are no longer in SKK, I don't consider you my senior. You may be, and probably are, a senior in other arts...I respect that. However, considering that I have almost all the material for 4th degree black, and was just never tested past 2nd AND due to the fact that you're not in my art, I do not consider you my senior.

    Um, if you actually read my whole post about what you asking me about 6 Kata, you would see that I used plain and simple because it is plain and simple. There's no mocking undertone involved at all. Unfortunately, that's what you read. Sorry that you felt that way. I've never read anything that George Pesare said about the form. I go on what I have figured out...and I figured out what you said, on my own. I did it by using my brain and figuring it out. The upward block causes the opponent to move backward, which sets you up for the kick. That seems pretty plain and simple to me.

    Before you accuse me of stealing a thread, think about that you set the presidence by doing it first. Your exact words were "Well, S--- happens." I actually contributed to the thread by posting a clip of FV. How did you contribute to a thread about FV clips? Just something to think about.
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    You all need to lighten up. Internet isn't the deadly streets yo!
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    I am hereby going to refer to everyone on here as "punk." I believe equal disrespect is better than unequal respect :)
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    Guess what?? Is it time to lock it up again?
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    Okay, good reply, all I wanted was an explaination of my preceived attitude you have toward me, that's all, you explained yourself and I'm satisfied. I think we have both cleared the air and we can move on from here.

    I do want to stand corrected on something, I'll always admit if I'm mistaken, I didn't know Armen Heroian was senior to me. No disrespect there intended. I made my shodan on 01-07-77 and I remember a lot of the seniors but I didn't recall the name, maybe I'd remember the face. Over the years I heard good things about him but just don't remember him back then, it's been a long time.

    Guf wrote: How did you contribute to a thread about FV clips? Just something to think about.

    Me: Yes you did, Guf, I agree you made a contribution to the thread but I did also, as I responded to some of the criticism on behalf of the Villari camp. Obviously, I cut ties back in 1981 and if anything, they would be considered competitors for as I said before, they have schools in my area and it does me no good to advertize for them. I just thought it was the right thing to do.

    I do want to make a correction in a post that I didn't have time to do yesterday when I got busy at work and couldn't get back to it. It was on my mention of Honsuki and the chambering of the strikes. I had said that 6 of the 7 strikes in the first two opening sequences were chambered at the hip and one was chambered cross body. In my mind, when I was thinking 6 of the 7 strikes were closed fist and the 7th was open hand I confused the two thoughts in my haste. I meant that 1, 4, 5, and 6 are chambered at the hip and 2, 3 & 7 is cross body. Sorry for any confusion I caused on that.

    Gufbal1981, today's another day, perhaps we can have a fresh start. - Joe

    PS: Guf wrote: If I did, I would have taken it to a PM and not gotten my panties in a bunch like you just did over a silly word...dude.

    Hey Guf, c'ome on now, I don't wear panties, lol, geez.....boxers or briefs?, lol.
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    This is a good one. I went back to check my posts that I wrote in a hurry to make sure there were no errors and I come across post #113. I meant to write aethestically but I spell it anesthetically, lol, man, what a difference the 'n' can make! - Joe
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    Damn.....look out guys! Mom's home!
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    I caught that , but i thought you may have meant that. Some forms I have been forced to sit through were like anethesia.
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    A kata a day keeps the doctor away.....well at least it keeps the pain of the doctors operation away :)

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