Does anyone have any " Fred Villari" clips?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by shaolinmonkmark, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Most of the kids and adults in the schools I have been in, had to learn some of the basics. Not much, but enough to see if they are truly interested in obtaining the belt. When you give away something it is not earned, and that is the key.

    A simple salutation or it might be more depending on the school. All belts mean something and did when I was learning. But I am not really sure about all of it, for it was over 40 years ago. (But Guf, you can ask Dan W. he seems to have many opinions about it).

    Now that many of the schools teach several arts they don't start with a uniform at all. Gym clothes many of the times is not uncommon to be seen at the schools. It is seen even in the advanced class's denotes what stage you are at, or which art is your primary.

    Many wear the Gi, and some fail to keep them clean. Big problem when you are grappling. LOL... The cost to clean a Gi at a location is not cheap if you combine it with the cost of the teaching. One of the reasons for your lighter Gi's of today they can be washed at home and dried and don't look to bad.
    Cant do that with the heavier ones.

    All about maketing today I am afraid. To many going for the cheap, from both sides of the counter.

    Personal training, is where it is at, but most don't go there. Small seminars are good and small classes are also. But they are not the norm in your Mc-Dojos. :)

    If the quality of the Dojo means anything, many can not claim the quality of Professor Joe Shuras and his partner.

    If you are interested you might ask him.

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    Funny...I had gi's from Shureido and Tokaido, as well as Juka, and I had no problem cleaning them at home. It's not a big deal.
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    BTW, LOL! I think I have...nevermind. TMI.
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    I understand what you are saying.

    My Son Robert, who is into all the various arts of Japan from "Sho" on up.
    Writing being one of the basic's.

    He feels that washing and hanging and ironing is part of the whole. He does it with the same respect as when serving tea. Very commited to it actually.

    One of the reason's he is considered to be a very high and honored person in the arts he does. Not only that but he is dedicated to the healing as well. He is very well known for it, if you know the destructive arts, he feels you need to know the healing as well for there is much trauma that is done, especially in days of old. Not many have his talent.

    It is truly an honor to to be with him when we go to the various seminars and gatherings. Just having him call or come over is nice, for we have good discussions and practice. His wife is a nurse, he was going to go into ER and operating room, but, it was not what he expected and left it, he returned to my field, (construction) he is good at it also. :)

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    My whole deal is why pay for someone else to do it when it's soo much cheaper to do it yourself?
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    Well it is a very small piece of the whole, as far as money. :) If that is always the critia we would not have many business's. Shrinking the uniform and having it tailored was the way when I started. Still is for some of the material.

    I think a uniform to fit like it should, is not what is the norm. When I would get a uniform you would put quite a bit into tailor work.

    Sleeves to be at the correct location for your arm and not the average.

    Today I see pants that are to long, and easy to step on for the one wearing or the one attacking you, and stepping, then hitting and the person unable to move and takes the punch 100%. (Part of the training I do).

    Anyway not part of the thread.

    Any more Video's, that can be observed? Maybe when you were training some of your students? :)

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    I don't have any of those that I can remember. I may have a demo that I did with them. I'll look for it.
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  9. KenpoDavid

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    We make students earn white belt.

    The criteria are:
    memorize 5 animals and 5 principles of conduct
    learn to store shoes/coats correctly
    learn to bow when entering/leaving training area
    memorize name of school and style
    front position and how to line up for class

    Most adults get it on their second class.
    Most kids get it their second week.

    Any more Villari clips? Maybe some from when he was younger. Like when he was only 4th or 5th degree LOL :D :Angel:
  10. Gufbal1981

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    I always had different mental standards for children and adults...mainly because adults catch on much quicker than children. That's why an adult can test for yellow belt sooner than a child. However, I did want them to know the 5 animals and 5 principles in order. I lined up the children for class. That was there was no argument on how to line up. They lined up highest rank to lowest rank, 4 across and how ever many down. My children knew the history of their school, their masters, grandmasters, you name it. They knew it.

    You know very well there aren't clips from that time frame, so why be a dork and ask about it? Seems rather silly to me...
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    Hi Guf,

    I have found that children mimic quite well and very fast. They are not as fast on some things, but quicker on other items in learning, I have noticed. Sort of like the empty and full cup thought. But I have had them mention "this is like using a bat" or some other item they are familiar with (teaching the sword, "bokken").

    It is a sign of intelligence. Dumming them down (as in not allowing questions is not good). Why your better teachers have gone to school to learn the specifics of teaching and are not just students filling in for the missing Sensei.

    Very good article over at San Jose Kenpo about why "some can't teach".

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    Thanks To All For The Clips !!!!!!!!

    Thanks to all who have posted clips!!!
    They are very useful!
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    There is a joke coming from Danjo. I can FEEL it.
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    OMG! How cynical can you get?
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    I don't think I have quite pushed the limits yet. I have a hum dinger of a post waiting for the cafe. I am just waiting till the time is right to drop it - LIEEEK A BOMBA!
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    I hate to say this, but I was a great children's teacher. Danjo can attest to that. It's not enough to have them mimic, but to have a child understand is the key. I kept those kids attention on what they were learning. I played more games (mind you they were all based on a martial art skill) than you could imagine. I have been teaching since I was 12 and when I stopped teaching professionally I was 22. I learned how to teach by teaching 3 year olds. I never said that I dumbed it down...just had different requirements for them. How is that dumbing it down? They still knew the same material...
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    No, you did not say it I did. If you are going to a lot of trouble to have to teach and need many aids it may not be the correct term, but it is one I used, not you.

    If they ended up knowing the same material as in performing the kata or move. That is good, but could they have given you something in writing as in EPAK or other arts to explain the material? I don't think so.

    It is pretty much proven we learn certain things as we age and that children don't grasp, the same as adults. Why we have age applied to certain laws.

    You are placing yourself in this scenario, please don't. Much different teaching high school than elementary. That is all I was mentioning.

    Some groups have rules applied to actual Black Belts, as in adult vs children and age is a factor. Are they better in some of it, yes maybe and no in other areas. Just the reason I used the word. Hope I cleared that up.

  18. Gufbal1981

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    First off, let me address your first point. a teacher shouldn't feel like they "have to" do something. That's a poor attitude. I LOVED TEACHING AND COMING UP WITH EXERCISES FOR THOSE KIDS TO DO. I can tell you that the obstacle courses I did for my kids, games we played, etc, they could have all told you what they were learning from it. I ASKED every student at the end of their class "what did you learn today?" They would always reply with something that demonstrated where their mind was at during that stage of development. They did explain everything to me. Those children that I taught were shown how to break up kata's into techniques for sparring, for self defense, etc. They knew their material...they just learned at a different pace. The explained at their mental level.

    A good instructor tries to just get kids to mimic the moves, not knowing what they are doing. A great instructor is one that gets them to understand it no matter what age group.

    Have you ever taught autistic children? children with cerebral palsy? I have and I know my methods work.
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    I know this is going to be weird, but get a load of me getting back to the topic! Here's an old FV clip from some seminar he gave about 20 years ago. He's the one in the white top at the right of the screen. Is the quality crappy? Yep! Is it another FV clip on the Net? yep! Want more like this one? Let me know...

    [ame=""]Villari1 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks Dan and OK, I'm letting you know ... if you've got them, keep them coming.

    I have no video clips, but I remember FV doing a 10 man attack demo. Anyone have that on video? Or any video from the early West Coast days, prior to the split, tournament video?

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