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    Normally I wouldn't even ask. But they have 4 characters with a style listed as ninjutsu. Did they hire a bujinkan technical consultant, or make it up off the top of their heads from HK cinema?
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    thats tough, but in many movies and even games (virtua fighter 4 for example) they actually got people who did the styles to show them how its done. I'm not sure about Doa 3 but since ninjitsu, as far as i understand (correct me if i'm wrong) isnt about direct approach so it wouldnt make much sense to put that in Doa would it? You hide somewhere and shoot them in the ass with a blow gun like a big wussy, just kidding guys please dont try to break into my house and poison me or i'll call chazz up and it'll be a TKD vs Ninjitsu showdown.
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    I think that's the difference between ninjutsu and ninjitsu.

    One is the art of concealment and so on - the other is just another martial art that is sometimes refered to Bujinkan (I think I may have spelt it wrong).

    Ninjukai Taijutsu (the martial art I practice) is similar to this but comparisons are hard to get because they don't like us for some reason. It is just another way of learning how to defend yourself although we do excersises is stealthy movement it is not the main focus.

    We also do taoist meditation as part of the training so we can learn to harness the energy of the things around us. More on this later.
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    Different romanization, thats all, nothing more.

    I think you'll find that Bujinkan is often considered the only "legitimate" (If such a thing exists) source of ninjitsu.

    They have reasons.

    Use the force Luke...
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    Actually, Bujinkan is the other legitimate source of those 9 schools remaining now. It covers in actuality 9 different Ryu's dating back over 900 years in two of them. 3 of these Ryus are Ninjutsu and the remaining 6 are traditional Samurai Ryus.

    I am new to studying this particular system myself, but there are two others who are registered here who teach it (Ninjabuman or Tracy Crocker is the Shidoshi I study under).

    If you want to look into the history of Bujinkan, you can ask Tracy, the man can talk history forever :)
    Also the detailed history of all 9 Ryuha are listed here

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    Waya should other read only?? (first line)

    Thanks for all the info.

    I only joined my dojo recently so I havn't seen much of the politics around yet (only within the organisation which is kinda humourous).

    I think some of the hostility between us and Bujinkan comes from someone claiming they are the only "true" ninja art. I don't know who made this claim but I think that it is a bad remark to make anyway. It will unboubtedly cause someone else who practises the other "version" of the art to make a return comment and so this will just aggrevate everyone.
    I think we should all just say that we practise it differently (and seeing that no-one knows what they actually did practise and how they did it) then just leave it at that. I also think it doesn't matter whether it is the "true" ninja art because they both work and are fun to practise (otherwise we wouldn't do it). I don't think anyone who practises these arts actually are trying to become a "Ninja" so it doesn't matter to any great extent.

    I also read an article by one of the guys who brought Bujinkan to Australia that bagged out the Bujinakan organisation about how they were giving away free dans if the MA went to see the heads in Japan. I'm not saying this to be derogatory or anything - just an interesting thing I found somewhere.

    Does anyone know where the Bujinkan Web site is?(I thought it would be interesting to actually put some research into some of my ramblings)
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    The first line should have read only, but I guess I should word it that it is the remaining old traditional Ninpo school to the best of my knowledge.

    Some of the Shihans that have recieved Menkyo Kaiden from Hatsumi Sensei have left and gone on their own path, and their aresome who are involved in Koga Ryu, which is currently a matter of argument because the Soke (Fujita Seiko, alleged 14th Soke of Koga Ryu, which was also argued because he had no proof to his lineage) of Koga Ryu and his top students were evidently killed in an automobile accident in 1966. There are several arts who have a contested background, but I guess what matters is if what they are teaching is something worth learning.

    As far as "giving away Dan grades", everyone I have trained with, or witnessed doing anything, who has a Dan grade within the Bujinkan system are extremely skilled. The average 5th or 6th Kyu I have seen is more skilled in technique and advanced in knowledge than most people who have 1st and 2nd Dans in other systems. This is likely a case of someone who is either upset with members of the system or something of that sort.

    There are a couple of Bujinkan Dojos in Perth if you want to look into them and ask them questions. I haven't met anyone yet who wouldn't answer anything they are asked. You can find them in the Yellow Pages on

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    TKD vs. Ninjutsu? hmmm i wonder who will win.
    Stash that would be intresting to see Ninjutsu going to war with TKD practioners:).

    whats all this "true ninja art" crap about? aren't they all technically the same?
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    Most games dont have legitemate Ninjutsu in them because realistic Ninjutsu isnt flashy enough to sell, though Kage Maru from Virtua Fighter 4 does have the Koto-ryu Koppojutsu influence to his style.

    There's more to different romanisation to the spelling of Ninjutsu. Jitsu actually translates into something like ripe, fruit, or truth (depending on the kanji) because the closest sound you can get to the spelling is "jee - ts" because the sound of the letter i like in the word "sit" doesnt exist in the Japanese language.

    2 brilliant articles on the Jitsu/Jutsu misconception are here >> and

    As for TKD vs Ninjutsu, it doesnt matter on the art. Its the practioner that matters. One who trains better for himself and is instructed better is the better combatant.

    There are only 3 ryu of Ninjutsu that exist today. Togakure-ryu, Gyokushin-ryu, and Kumogakure-ryu. These 3 are taught in Bujinkan, Genbukan, and Jinenkan (AKA Takamatsuden). No other claims have an accurate lineage trace, or have enough evidence to be authentic, therefore is considered fraud.
  10. Cougar_v203

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    I meant to say ninjutsu practioners vs. TKD Practioners.
    hey you try typing in 3rd period when a teacher is about to turn and look at your work.
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    Well, here's the thing about dan grades being given out and how it somehow turns to people using it to downplay the Bujinkan. I have heard that often Hatsumi-sensei has given out dan rankings to people who have never trained in the art before, such as doctors and other such figures of importance, simply as a token of friendship and/or respect. I have heard of no such tale of these people then going out and claiming to be able to teach our system. You have to understand that ranks are unimportant to Hatsumi-sensei. There was a tme when everyone wore black belts, as I understand. The rank system was put in place simply to help identify those who didn't have as much knowledge so people knew how to train with such people (slow and careful, you get the idea.)

    If I am not mistaken, I believe Hatsumi-sensei may have, and correct me if I am wrong, given out ranks to people who either requested it or gave off the aura of being superior. I think this was just to give people their inflated egos that they desired and allow them to go on their merry way with a rude awakening to be received in the long run. I honestly don't see any problem with this. Why would Hatsumi-sensei wish to argue with someone if they thought they were the God of Ninjutsu? Point being, Hatsumi-sensei does not hold rank at any level of importance. Neither should anyone else. Those that do are heading for a downfall. They train for a colored belt instead of for the knowledge. Well, that's all for now.

    Oh, and P.S. The ninja in DoA3 have no real basis in any of the x-kan styles, though I did see Hayate use a shuto for one of his counters/throws (yes, I am a game junky at times). Take care all!

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