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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by Frogman316, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. Frogman316

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    I do seven styles. Yep seven. The progress is kinda slow, as you have to learn seven different techniques. But each one has it's proper place. Wood is strikes and trapping, earth is locks and breaks (like arm breaks, think grappling) fire is kicks, water is breakin out of locks and breaks and grappling, air is dodging, void is formless (think JKD), metal is blocking. Each element is one whole style. As far as not bieng able to do MA's I would still give it a try there is only one way to fiond out if you can do something and that is to do it.
  2. charmed1

    charmed1 New Member

    my condiction is described as "involantery fool paraplegia", this basically means that the muscles in the legs do not grow as fast as they should for birth, so the disability becomes worse from the waist down. I can still walk a short disence but rely on a wheelchair for distence. It also so effects the balance which make it very poor. These sre caused as the legs are kept at around 110 degrees at full strech.
    So i decided to ten pin bowl from a wheelchair insted buy for so reason my desire to learn has increase over the last 2 years but do not know which direction to go. Can u help please?
  3. Frogman316

    Frogman316 New Member

    Ahh, I see. Well I wonder if you can do just the arm work. But to tell the horrible truth is that in martial arts we us the waist and legs quite a lot. I'll have to look into it and see if there isn't something you can learn.
  4. charmed1

    charmed1 New Member

    Thank 4 your help. That is what i though. Hope you can find somthing as i do not know where 2 look. Where as you have better experence then me. Talk 2 you again soon.
  5. Frogman316

    Frogman316 New Member


    I wouldn't say I have a lot of experience but I can ask around. My disability is mostly on the mental side as the tremors are less than they were. But I expect to see my Sifu tomorrow night and will ask if he has ever heard of any kind of wheelchair based self defence and of course Google is your friend.
  6. charmed1

    charmed1 New Member

    i have done some time on google but always found somthing where it starts off good but then it requires more walkiung ability then i require. :cry: but i hope with your help i can find somthing!!!
  7. Shrukin89

    Shrukin89 Valued Member

    Bi polar, contributes to have sudden effects of happiness, and depression. I don't know what it's like. But I do know what it's like to have CAPD :D

    CAPD sucks, Bi Polar sucks, every mental disablity sucks.

    If I could restart my life without having a single disablity I would definatly restart my life, with the same parents :D .

    And welcome to MAP charmed1
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  8. Frogman316

    Frogman316 New Member

    Wheelchair defence

    I will ask my Sifu today if there are any practical wheelchair oriented defence techiniques. Also you might want to try to get a book on chi kung and try to do the arm parts to generate chi. If you do the leg parts just do them as long as you can. Don't over do it. Also I read that if you move your chi to one place for healing etc... remember to move it out of there after a bit cause else it will stagnate and not help any. It is good to keep the flow going then mve it to say a bruise on the arm (just an example) and then after a bit getting it on to it's normal flow. I do a chi kung exercise and it can be done fairly quickly. Though you don't generate as much chi at least it starts to flow.
  9. charmed1

    charmed1 New Member

    Happy new year everyone!!!!

    Hi everyone, how u doin?
    Hope you all had a great time talk 2 you all later. Good luck for the year 2006. :cool:
  10. KungFuGrrrl

    KungFuGrrrl Valued Member

    They are mental and physical disablities. I have PTSD and panic disorder and considered disabled by the state of california. limited control.......I can find more info for you. causes reflex problems

    neurons are not firing properly in the brain. malfunction of body parts. chemical imbalances causes many physical problems.

    body parts are not working properly, parts that you can not see.
  11. Jon1983uk

    Jon1983uk Valued Member

    If you can't see it, it's not a problem to many people. It's a shame as, as a sufferer of constant headaches over the past 6 years, I've experienced a few odd looks in my time when I tell of my 'condition' if ya will. :)

    I can appreciate a broken leg is there for all to see and sympaphise with, whereas things like mental illness (my headaches made me depressed in my teens, and have meant I've not had the confidence or ability to look to start work until now at the age of 22) didn't have a visible indication of illness, therefore are misunderstood. Unless you've experienced mental illness, I don't blame anyone for thinking headaches are odd, it's just human nature with the unexplained. Heck, I often think not being able to work 'til I'm 22 'cos of headaches is odd too. :)

    It's something you can get used to, though blatant insults about anyone's health is a Neddy no-no still of course.

    But anyway my real point is since I started kung fu classes back in July last year, I've gained fitness and more a sense or purpose and belonging in society if you will. While I've been 'clear' of depression since I was 19, not being able to do 'normal' things like work and go out as much as I'd have liked had always effected my confidence but the kung fu has helped definitely, I've seen the confidence gradually grow again.

    When I first started I vowed never to use kung fu with the purpose of attacking someone. I still don't have any wish to go into a bar and scream "I'm a yellow belt! Let's go b*****s!", but the admiration you can get from non-MA practitioners is a pretty astounding surprise. With each move comes a feeling of accomplishment, and when you actually start feeling slightly fitter and get your eyes opened more to your martial art's culture too to a degree, well the only way for your spirit is up. :)

    So I'd recommend martial arts to anyone with a mental illness like depression. I don't know much about many styles, but the one thing I've always wanted is a style for less able-bodied people. Martial arts helped me alot both mentally and physically, I think it's sad that people that physically find it even harder to practice MA would be neglected, so I hope I'm wrong on that.
  12. KungFuGrrrl

    KungFuGrrrl Valued Member

    I founded my organization FOCUS www.focus101.net to help survivors of domestic violence for the purpose of helping people with mental and physical disabilities ..... so they will be able to become exposed to the arts and not become neglected so I appreciate your comment! thumbs up to you!
  13. Jon1983uk

    Jon1983uk Valued Member

    Blimey, that's one great site and idea there Miss Kung Fu. :)

    If I wasn't here in England and had more than 10 hours of Tai Chi training behind me so far, I'd be more than happy to help teach with such a program, it looks great.

    Thankfully I've never suffered from abuse, but I have a friend who did up until only a few months ago. She finally got the courage to end their marriage (which is more than I probably could've done!) and is now happy and single again with her 2 children.

    I don't know how many martial arts/therapy 'clubs' there are out there, but it's great to see such an idea come to fruition anywhere. :)

    I take an educated guess (which is rare :D) that you are the person mentioned on the site, so I'm intreged as to how you got the idea for martial arts in the first place? Was it for self defence or did you think you could get some confidence back from trying martial arts out?
  14. McJizzle

    McJizzle Banned Banned

    HAHA! Have fun with that. Try kicking when your legs don't work. Don't be so insensitive to people in wheelchairs. Don't give them false hopes or misconceptions that they could fight anybody. I would kick a cripples ass if they tried to fight me, but I would have to laugh my ass off first.
  15. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Right, false hopes like you getting a job aside from McDonalds drive thru or being considered anything other then a loud mouth, subhuman piece of dung. ;)
  16. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    damn kid, think outside the box a little, i hope a parapalegic shoots you.
  17. KungFuGrrrl

    KungFuGrrrl Valued Member

    I agree with Tekken.....

    the idiot who made that comment about *cripples* is obviously proof of his own disability, "severely mentally challenged"
  18. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    actually you exhibit signs of a severe napoleon complex. i cant fathom any other reason you would feel the need to refrence your superiority to the physically disabled. what a big man :rolleyes:
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  19. McJizzle

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    I'm definitely not gay. I know that a woman's place is in the kitchen and no man could ever replace that.
  20. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    Social Security doesn't just stop the checks due to self reporting. Did you get a job? That's the easiest way to get your checks to stop.

    As for McJizzle, guys, don't feed the trolls. Just report the post and let the mods do what they do.

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