Dim Mak & Pressure Points (plagarized)

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by jroe52, Apr 28, 2004.

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    well you need training. how would you ever do eye gouge strikes if you never practiced hitting targets ect.

    my class on college is intro, so we only learn the 1st form and its applications. though we have learned 3-4 of these key spots, and practice fighting against them. after lots of practice (ive taken the course 3 x) i can hit the above target relativly easy.

    i think because i'm trained in wing chun it is a little simplar for me to apply. why?

    1. centerline and always hitting it
    2. knowledge of such areas
    3. always rotating, moving my body, to hit where i target and want to focus on

    i can close my eyes, and using my centerline hit a fine line or 1/2inch dot every time on my center line. it involves feet rotation, practice, knowledge ect. so what i'm saying... practice targeting objects, practice on people, spar, train ect... and try learning things that enhance your fighting.

    there are 100's of dim mak points, i think thats to much. there are some very simple ones to strike, and thats a good thing:) this one is one of them. if you learn to block, open the ribs up, you can easily strike the point multiple times with a chain punch.
  2. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    also some of these points are much easier to memorize and target. the above example is because everyone has boobies, everyone has a place 2-3 inches from their boob too lol. so its kinda of a target easy to notice, easy to memorize, and when open easier to strike off your centerline.

    maybe this is hard to prove without practice. its no harm to try the excersizes and try applying them. you don't have to believe, but please try things before you critisize them to much (now i'm feeling bad for the shou shu whom i narced hehe).

    i think people mix magic with dim mak, and want to have all god knowing death strikes, when these take to much time and knowledge to do. why waste your time trying to do everything planned out when you could mess up lol. if the opportunity comes then strike! i do not hit, it hits itself.
  3. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    this is an old post when i first started here, however it is useful and i see that it comes up alot on the forums expecially about how qigong and pressure points are fake. this post however has some useful info and direction.
  4. Davey Bones

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    The fact that it lay dormant for a year speaks volumes about the utility of this thread.
  5. onyomi

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    Montaigue has it wrong. Dim Mak is the Cantonese for "duan mai," which means "sealing the vein." It is a type of qinna that involves using jin-dao to pinch down on a vein or artery. What most people are really thinking of when they say "dim-mak" is actually "dian xue," (point strike) which means using jin-dao ("fa" is the verb used with "jin," so "fa-jin(g)" means "releasing jin") of the fingers to attack accupuncture points. Earl seems to think that any attack using jin-dao on an accupuncture point is "dim mak." If this were true then nearly all CMA strikes would be dim mak. Also, despite the unfortunate prevalence of this translation, neither dian xue, nor dim mak means "death touch." "dian xue" is point strike/cavity press and dim mak is "sealing the vein." (although done with enough force at the right point either one of them could potentially cause death).

    Again, both dian xue and duan mai (dim mak) are done with the FINGERS. The accupuncture points are too small for anything but the fingers to strike them with penetrating, accurate force. A punch or kick cannot be dim mak. A punch or kick can be used to attack a pressure point, but they are not dim mak.
  6. jroe52

    jroe52 Valued Member

    ahh its "dian xue"??? thats what i usually call dim mak rofl.

    i dont really care to much about death touches since i'm a buddhist. i just wanted to boost up an old thread so people stop making new dim mak posts all the time.

    pressure points do exhist, if not, i wouldn't use them. if you have no experience with pressure point massaging or fighting, how can you say it is fake or not? thats like saying "since i never had surgery, surgerys do not work for fixxing torn muscles". its just ignornat.

    yes, some stuff is over exoticfied with dim mak. i think alot of it is BS. however, fighting and striking sensitive spots on pressure points, does exhist or it wouldn't work all the times i've used it. i find it odd not many people in wc learn about this stuff.

    i think the guy who wrote the articles is a little loopy and probably overhyped his stuff. however, i think that does not null the fact that pressure points do exhist on the body, or people wouldn't use it as a form of medicine or in combat. pressure points maybe is something we do not know enough on yet, does that mean it does not exhist?

    i don't know alot about sharks, but i know they exhist. just because one shark tv guy is full of crap, doesn't mean all scientists know nothing about sharks right?

    so if the author has a bad rep, does that mean all credibility for striking sensitive parts of the body are null?

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  7. OtacontheOtaku

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    Dim Mok is probobly the most difficult aspect of all martial arts. The only man I'm aware of who's capable of actually using it is Grandmaster William Cheung. There's tons of phonies out their who claim they can, however, Dim Mok isn't something someone can be resucitated from. If you do it correctly, the person will die. The way sigung was able to develop meridian therapy reversing the medical scrolls he had showing how to do attacks such as Dim Mok. It's very real, however, it supposedly takes a lifetime to learn.

    In the end, it seems like something very pointless to learn since most MAs are effective enough on their own.
  8. onyomi

    onyomi 差不多先生

    NEITHER DIAN XUE NOR DUAN MAI (DIM MAK) MEANS "DEATH TOUCH." I think whoever made up that translation needs to be "death touched." They mean "attacking an accupuncture point" and "sealing the (qi) artery," respectively. Both are capable of causing fatal injuries, but not INSTANT death. If you severely cut off a major qi artery it could cause the person to die a week later, but not instantly. The primary use of dim mak and dian xue in combat is to disable the opponent, i.e. if you attack an accupuncture point on the shoulder well enough it could render the arm temporarily numb and useless. Some of the points could potentially knock the person out, a state that might lead to death if untreated, but the only real "instant" death attack is a bullet in the face.
  9. jroe52

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    onyomi, thats the best statement i've seen on it. people want to see dim mak as an instant killer rather then something to aid you in combat to disable or weaken your opponent temporarily. though you might kill your opponent in 1 hit, its probably never going to happen for the average martial artist (unless he hits them in the throat, but this isn't really 1 pressure point, its more complex then that with this area)
  10. WingChunRoxGrL

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    Im with roe.
  11. nobelt

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    I think the dim mak to death touch translation comes from bloodsport having watched it recently. If anyones seen it, its the bit when the guy asks van damme to break a brick with a "dim mak" and some guy goes whats a dim mak, so another guy goes "death touch!".

    By the way is anyone thats been discussing this topic cantonese and has watched the old cantonese martial arts movies? I have something to add but it will only make sense if u have watched them in cantonese.
  12. Bil Gee

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    Amazing. Where pray tell did you find out that William Cheung is the worlds only effective "Dim Mok" practitioner?

    (Is Emin Boztepe's head going to explode some day?).
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  13. Davey Bones

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    Yes, and William Cheung has lineage-whores all lining up to be killed by the precious hands of their grandmaster to ensure he can practice and pass this information down through the new generation of lineage-whores. Give me a break.

    I've said it before, and I'm gonna keep saying it... Since MAers generally don't like killing off thier students, they do not practice any form of "death touch". Hell, they don't even practice "paralyzing" or "make you really sick touch". Stop buying all the idiotic press and stop watching dumb movies.
  14. jroe52

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    i think people can die, and if they do it, they blame it on death touching. i think pressure point is a useful tool in combat though, however gloating is not. anywho, anyone whom wants to kill others, probably is not good at bipassing them.

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