Different ways to increase punching power? Do weighted gloves work?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by pabloholder, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. pabloholder

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    I have always wanted to learn how to knock people out (in actual contests, not on the streets of course), and I think punching power is one of the most important factors.

    I have researched about it for quite a while, and learnt that as well as punching power, technique and speed is also important.

    But in this threat, I want to focus on punching power only. What are some tips? Do you think any of these below work and if so which one.

    -Weighted gloves. Only heard about this today. Basically boxing or MMA gloves that have a part where you can insert small weight plates inside, boxing gloves can go up to 36 ounces. The product description says as you become accustomed and used to punching with the extra heavy gloves, using small gloves will feel much easier and you will have increased power. Seems logical
    -Continue practising on the heavy bag (obviously)
    -Weight training. Now this is a tricky one. One one hand, stronger muscles and functional strength can help you hit harder. But at some point your speed could be decreased? Not sure. I know lots of top MMA and boxing guys lift heavy weights. Maybe its good if you are in the heavier weight divisions
    -Punching hard surfaces. I heard punching something hard like rice grains can create small microfractures which repair over time, allowing your fists to be harder. Not sure if its true, but I will definitely be sure not to injure myself
    -Handgrips? Not sure, but I think having powerful forearms should help. As well as powerful shoulders and legs since punch power is generated from mostly the legs.

    Can't think of anything else
    Feel free to add to the list[​IMG]
  2. David Harrison

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    No, punching the heavy bag is all the impact you need to increase bone density.

    I would add to your list: accuracy, timing, control of distance. All the strength in the world is worth nothing if you can't land a shot in the right spot at the right time.
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  3. icefield

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    Adding too much weight to a glove is counter productive as it adds to gravity and pulls your punch downwards and thus the resistance path is incorrect.

    Heavier gloves are really to build shoulder endurance and to help you keep your hands up rather than increase power in your shots.

    Technique work is the most important as David said, followed by explosive work in the right movement plane: so med ball chest passes and rotational passes into a wall,
    Explosive punching with band resistance
    Short bursts into a heavy bag with good mechanics also works.

    To hit hard you need good mechanics and explosiveness so short work bouts under 10sec with long rests, and of course mass also helps hence most knockouts happen above 80kg :)
  4. David Harrison

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    ^^^ This

    I've seen a lot of big, strong people unable to hit with power because everything is tense and they are not chaining their core-feet-fist properly. The mass still works in their favour, but you need to refine technique before you can utilise your strength. Of course, being big and strong and having good technique will put you at a big advantage over someone smaller with good technique.
  5. Smitfire

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    "I've seen a lot of big, strong people unable to hit with power because everything is tense and they are not chaining their core-feet-fist properly."

    I used to train with a guy at Thai boxing that basically looked like a blonde superman.
    About 6'4", big muscles, v-shaped torso and was put in the anchor position in a local tug of war match.
    But he couldn't hit hard at all. Just couldn't co-ordinate that potential into a usable kinetic chain and create impact.
    By contrast I have much less physical potential but could out-power him because I'd learnt how to relax, co-ordinate one body part with the next, knew when to tense, how to hit through rather than just "at", transfer body weight, etc.
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  6. Pretty In Pink

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    Technique is the single biggest thing that will predict how hard you hit.
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  7. Mushroom

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    Timing beats speed, precision beats power.

    My heaviest gloves are 14oz, just so I can go hard on a punch bag to prevent further injury to my hands. But of course, this is tiring on the shoulders. If you don't know how to punch, having heavier gloves is not going to help you. As you will just end up developing haymakers, because when your arms get tired and you don't know what to do, you end up just swinging and not actually "punching".

    Also, who puts plates in the gloves??? Sounds ridonkulous.

    If anyone tells you that a good punch comes from your knuckles...that person doesn't know what they're on about.
  8. EdiSco

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    do you mean mass of the person hitting or being hit?
  9. Pretty In Pink

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    The person doing the hitting.

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