Different styles of fighters in Muay Thai

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by fire cobra, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Reminds me of the other night watching my two kids sparring in the ring, lol.

    I was hoping the girl to've smashed the hateful little sod at the end
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    Great thread!
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    Just come across this thread cobra. Thanks a bunch - there aren't many threads on the net with info of this quality.
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    Your welcome Jabby,glad you enjoyed it :)
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    Amazing things being shown here thank you very much to fire cobra.
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    This is a really impressive list, but i've seen people throw terms around you haven't covered and i was wondering if you had any insight into them, what is a muay pam, a muay sok, a muay bouk and a muay sai? Are they subcategories, or are they just ways to refer to fighters? (If they are even relevant at all.)
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    Thanks Bro,yes Muay Pam/Bam/Plam is the term we use for clinching/wrestling,Muay Sok sok means elbow in Thai,muay Bouk means a walk forward fighter,muy sai sai means left in Thai so a Left handed boxer,hope this j
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    Thanks for clearing that up man, they seem to be descriptive terms, as opposed to actual types of fighter if i follow your meaning, although that is probably debatable for southpaws.
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    Muy Bok is certain type of fighter(walk forward) Muay Sai a left handed fighter :)
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    Yeah, but a muay bok seems sort of similar to a muay maad though, perhaps just lacking the focus on punching?
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    If the walk forward fighter likes to punch yes but he can also walk forward to clinch/kick etc as long as he doesnt take many steps backwards he can be classed as Muay Bok:)
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    Ah, ok, now i think i get it, thanks!
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    Welcome sir:)
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    There are different combat styles in Muay Thai – some are more aggressive while others are more defensive. It relies on strategy and technique and knowing when to use both. Muay Mat is one combat style making use of heavy punches and low kicks. A Muay Mat fighter such as Pornsanae Sitmonchai would wear his opponents down by delivering punches to the body and heavy low kicks. On the other hand the Muay Khao style is known for its use of lethal knee strikes.

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