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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Sauron9949, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Sauron9949

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    Just wanted to ask a question. I train in hall, and at the other side is a Tae Kwon Do class. I also train with them on Wednesdays, but the kickboxers don't know this :D. Anyways, while we exercise so do they, and i've heard a few senior grades and middle grades dissing their exercising. I havn't said anything to them, my kickboxing instructor or to my TKD instructor. my Sensai in Aikido said this is really bad and he'd never dream of bad mouthing another Martial Art just because he doesn't practice it. Opinions would be greatly appreciated people, and suggestions to what i should do.


    p.s. The higher grade TKD students look, act, seem, and generally are fitter, flexable, and more respectful than the kick boxers
  2. Yan

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    Listen mate, rule one in any martial arts club is: don't take the ****. There are plenty of people there much tougher than you who could batter you to within an inch of your life, so be respectful.

    If I were the kickboxers I would seriously watch out. Despite my opinion that TKD could beat KB any day of the week, it is not on to make fun of any other class or art.

    I think you should discourage your friends from cussing the TKD people down. However, this won't be neccessary. Give it enough time and they'll learn the hard way.
  3. Sauron9949

    Sauron9949 New Member

    Hey man, your making it sound like i'm dissing people. I aint, butother members of the club are. I understand fully there are people more skillful and better trained than me, and i give them, the other students, my instrcutor, and everybody else the upmost respect. So don't try and make it look like i'm running my outh about poeple, but i don't want to end up on the wrong side of poeple in one of my classes over another. Anyways Thanks for your help.

  4. popop

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    I practice TKD, but I also do some Karate and cardi combat training. I do it being the more open minded I can, trying to take the best of each in order to improve my tkd knowledge. So bad mouthing about their exercices is no point : different arts, different exercices, and a lot to learn from :D
  5. KickChick

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    ... correct me if I'm wrong , but I am reading your post to be saying that the TKD exercises (which are stretching or warmup possibly?) are being called "bad" or possibly performed incorrectly and that is why all the "dissing"?

    In many cases I have found that schools do still stretch and warmup improperly and still follow many of the archaic traditional methods of stretching & warm up.

    We do have a thread somewhere discussing whether or not it is advisable to bring up these poor or possibly injurious methods to one's instructor.
  6. semphoon

    semphoon walk idiot, walk.

    You should ask your fellow TKD'ist why they believe what they do. And ask them to explain it i.e. don't accept "cos it just is"
    Ask if they have ever taken a lesson, what they though (if they did take a lesson) and what are the grounds for their beliefs (if they didn't).
    Let us know what they say please.
  7. zun

    zun New Member

    I think you need to explain "dissing their exercise".

    This is different to dissing tkd.
  8. RMSeevers

    RMSeevers New Member

    All martial arts can get you to the same place, they all have different ways of getting you there.

    The value of the art depends on the one applying it.
  9. Sauron9949

    Sauron9949 New Member

    sorry for the mix up

    OK sorry about the confussion people. As for dissing the exercise. A few diss their warm up, stretching etc as it is not the same way it is done in Kickboxing. They talk about the poeple in the TKD class as though they arn't physically fit, but i also train with the same people and know them to be fit, possibly fitter than some who are dissing them. They put in a lot of effort, they try their best to improve themselves. I hear them talk about the slight difference in the tequniques too, such as a side kick. I was wondering what people thought, what they might do in this situation.


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