Did Thomas live in India?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by vampyregirl, May 23, 2012.

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    Because they're unrelated. The Apostle Thomas didn't write the Gospel of Gospel, its a Gnostic gospel. You do know that right?
  2. slipthejab

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    Who did write the Gospel of Gospel? :p
  3. Waldgeist

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    Hey, I have it as well, and I would like to say my posting habbits are less erratic than vampyregirl's. So are yours. So, whilst it's a possible explanation, it's not an excuse .

    Gospel Gospelson?
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  4. Kuma

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    My point is rather than starting an entire new thread this could be a simple question plugged into the same thread already devoted to a similar subject. If we were talking about say George Clooney in a thread and you wanted to mention a favorite movie of his that you like, rather than start an entire new thread just for your response you can simply post in the appropriate thread.

    Obviously our discussion of the Gospel of Thomas probably attributed you to asking the question about Thomas the Apostle, so why not just ask in the same thread?
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  5. Knight_Errant

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    Did Thomas live in India? Well of course not, just like julius ceasar didn't live in Sydney, or siddartha guatama live in Putney, or Jesus live in America. It's a total anachronism.
    Whatever you're on, Vampyregirl, let me make it clear that you're a meanie for not sharing.
  6. Smitfire

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    Clearly Thomas lived at a Big Station. He had six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome.
    And that's gospel.
  7. Hapuka

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    Of course my friend, there are different degrees of ADHD as well as other factors such as medication and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Those that don't take medication or haven't been through CBT will probably show more stronger symptoms depending on its degree. ADHD is never an excuse for unwanted behavior but it can help explain it.
  8. Hapuka

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    And the fat controller is Jesus?
  9. Hannibal

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    His new name is Sir Topham Hat
  10. Waldgeist

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    Exactly. I'm pretty much in complete agreement with you, I just don't want our favourite poster latching on to it as an excuse, i.e.

    "It's not my fault, I have ADHD!"

    Now, we should probably stop discussing ADHD before the OP makes seven or so completely irrelevant threads about it in the span of a half hour.
  11. Knight_Errant

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    Appropriately, given the usual location of the mormons' pet rock.
  12. Hannibal

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    Folks, if you have nothing useful to contribute to this thread please refrain from posting. If you don't like the topic or the OP, there is the option to go away and do something else. Too many threads are turning nasty and/or getting disrupted because of personal issues between posters.

    I suggest a read of the following Mod Announcement. Thank you! :)


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