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    It get's recognition in more countries, if you scroll down in the same wikipedia article....
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    I'm not sure but my legal aid said something like, that it doesn't matter were a business has it's homebase, it's about the person that wants to make use of the law, if that person is from an EU country the business has to comply.

    It think it was like that, but it was for me also a while back so....
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  3. axelb

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    Yes it's for citizens of EU country. So if their personal data is stored at a US data store, then they still have to comply.

    I work in data protection/auditing/security sector.

    The grey areas are what is "personal data" this usually applies to sensitive data associated with that citizen (d.o.b./phone number/email address). For example, you work for a company, you don't have the right to remove all the data you created during your time at the company trying the businesses file storage, but you have certain rights on the sensitive data associated with you (national insurance etc).

    It's a complicated subject and gdpr is a follow on from safe harbor.

    Essentially if companies don't know where they are storing your personal data and who has access to it, then that's where the litigation usually begins.

    So i could see how you could use this if your name was the user name, but an alias, I'm not sure. Other than the, your sensitive personal data could be removed, but not every post by that user unless they put their personal details on every post.
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    EU is different
  5. Xue Sheng

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  7. Dead_pool

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    Well this is interesting, and disturbing

    Google receives 'forget me' requests

    Politician and paedophile ask Google to 'be forgotten"

    German court backs murderer's 'right to be forgotten' online

    I believe other forums deal with this by deleting the user name, but still allowing all the posts to still be read.

    From the BBC article:

    "Although the judgement refers specifically to search engines and states that only the links to information, rather than the information itself, be removed from the net, some news organisations have seen a rise in the number of people asking to have articles removed since the ruling"
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    Which forum was it?

    I assume not a Martial art forum?

    I know everyone here knows this, but it's a really really silly idea to have all your online accounts using the same Username.

    If you just keep them separate, and don't use your real name openly, theres no need spend money on getting a lawyer.

    - kind regards

    T'Mir Blalock.
  9. Mushroom

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    Would agree with this. You're responsible for what you put up. Signing up to a forum and you put up an alias etc then tbf thats mostly on you if you then think you're being followed by "the man".

    Even my details on my FB is not entirely true. Although probably easy to find where I am though with good a percentage rate.
    (Where there is weird but good but cheap food)
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    It doesn't really matter to be honest because this wasn't my topic. I just gave the OP a tip to look into that law.

    And I never paid my legal aid, because shes a good friend.

    That's your opinion and EU law doesn't agree with that opinion, plain and simple.

    And I never said that I thought that I was followed by "the man" haha, that's what you make of it.....
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  11. Dead_pool

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    You may not of paid her this time, but you won't be able to get free legal help everytime.

    As general advice it still stands.

    I bit like how whilst people shouldn't physically attack others, and it is against the law, it's also good advice not to get blind drunk in a public place.
  12. Dylan9d

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    Like I said, this wasn't my topic and I certainly don't need advice regarding this topic. I just pointed out to the OP that there is a law for EU citizens that he could look into.
  13. icefield

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    Doesnt personal data refer to any data which can be used to identify a natural subject, not just sensitive data? You have to have legitimate interest to hold sensitive data but any data which can be used to identify a natural subject is covered by gdpr.

    And whether it's a EU law or not it is aimed to protect eu citizens rights so whatever country is holding or using said personal data even outside the EU is potentially at risk.

    The right to be forgotten and the right to see what information is held on you are two areas which will give companies nightmares and which some have said could replace ppi as the new no win no fee cases.

    I've heard of people asking companies for the data held on them then offering to take out of court settlements because they know it's a hassle for the company to find it all within the set legal time frames
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    I wasnt referring to you directly. Easily confused on a thread but hey ho.
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  15. Dylan9d

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    Sorry Mushroom, then I misunderstood. My bad

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