Defence Lab vs Keysi vs Krav Maga For Self Defence?

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Talisker, Jun 28, 2021.

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    Being serious for a second that's entirely what my advice to do a "life audit" is all about.
    We all belong to certain demographics with varying degrees of risk of violence in our lives (and other forms of harm).
    And then overlaid on that we have our own particular lifestyles, jobs, choices and habits that can increase or decrease those risks.

    Normally, as we age, our risk of violence goes down. Less going out, less time out on the lash, less risky behaviour, less ego about trivial slights or arguments, more awareness of the repercussions of being in a violent encounter (physical and emotional), more awareness of the signs of violence about to kick off, more time with good friends and family and less time with casual acquaintances, more things we value and don't want to lose through being stupid, less kebabs at 3am, etc.
    But if you decide to get a new career as a prison officer or a bouncer in your mid 40's then your risk is gonna go up.
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    That's solid life advice!

    The best thing a person can do to avoid violence, is having a fulfilling life, with people who depend on them, now I have offspring, I absolutely cringe at some of the risky things I used to do, and I was the sensible one out of my group.

    A) getting drink in NY and walking to the hotel alone after the subways had closed for the night
    B) getting involved with an arm wrestling contest in a biker bar in Hilo, and accusing someone of cheating
    C) deciding to take a shortcut by swimming accross a river in Holland, after become suddenly very hungry and tired.

    So many stupid things, I'm surprised I havnt appeared in an episode of casualty.
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    Was it this guy? He lives in Hilo.

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    Luckily no, but it was whilst I trained there for a few weeks on holiday.

    Hilo is not a great location for a holiday, and, get this, no beach nearby, I was in Hawaii and there was no beach, I ended up hiking a few miles to the nearest one, and it turns out it was at the outlet for the rivers from the mountains, the snow capped mountains, so freezing cold fresh water at the beach, and because Hilo is on the big Island, and that's the newest of the islands that make up Hawaii, the rock hasn't worn down yet to make sandy beaches, so the beach is actually sharp volcanic rock with some pebbles, with freezing cold fresh water from the mountains.......... Which has MRSA endemic in it, so any cuts, from the volcanic sharp rock has to be treated ASAP.

    So that is how I had the worst beach holiday of my life, but BJ Penn's gym was good.
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    I've had one interaction with a defence lab instructor, and it put me off the franchise. There was a school setting up local to me, the instructor and assistant instructor came to a fitness gym where me and some training partners were sparring, and challenged me and one of the gym owners to try and hit him. He crouched on the floor tapping our legs while getting hit (very lightly!) repeatedly. The assistant instructor then said "What you have to remember is that on the streets every time he touched your legs he'd break something". None of us went to try a session.
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    I've heard quite a few "colourful" stories about Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez. Before they fell out of course. There was a strange time when they used to appear in the old MA mags all the time dressed like "cool" twins. Big boots, distressed jeans, muscle vests, tribal tats and chunky jewellery. Always struck me as a bit strange.
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    Classic old school MAI,

    I always assumed it was an attempt at branding themselves, but they'd done the course in the 90's and it was massively out of date!

    As generally despise that kind of marketing, but it definitely does work!
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    I believe Hilo has the distinction of being the rainiest city in the United States. Not a great place for a tropical holiday. Kona on the other side of the island is much better.

    I didn’t care for the Big Island as much as we love Maui. Like you mentioned, the big Island is the youngest and so has the most rugged beaches. This made the scuba diving more difficult. Hiring a boat is expensive so we always preferred diving off the beach, which is very easy on Maui but quite a challenge on The Big Island. The other thing is, it is very mountainous and when you drive inland you very very quickly find yourself above 1000 feet altitude and you can quickly get to very high altitude just driving around, like over 6000 feet. While this makes for some beautiful countryside, it is problematic for the scuba crowd since you need to stay below 1000 feet for 24 hours after diving to allow your body to shed excess nitrogen from the blood and avoid decompression sickness. This meant that we had a very narrow stretch along the Kona coast where we could remain below 1000 feet while we were diving. That was a bit frustrating. So it’s a beautiful island in its own way, but not the best location for scuba on a budget. And best to take a couple days and explore the island first before you begin diving and become restricted to that narrow strip.
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