Dealing with trauma right now.

Discussion in 'Mental Health and Addiction' started by AndrewTheAndroid, Oct 29, 2017.

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    I haven't read any further yet, so it probably was metioned already, but this just drives me mad, sorry.
    This forum has rules as for the wording, therefore I say it in a nicer way, compared to what would like to actually write.
    This is so much ignorance, that it should hurt!

    This "advice" (I can't even call it that!) is not only dumb but also dangerous!
    Repression is an awful way to handle things; especially if they have really traumatized someone.

    Seriously: You write yourself that you never had anything like that, so stop giving "advice" to it, if you a) have no experience at all with it, b) have no clue at all about the subject, c) don't even think much.
    You don't even know, what it was that he saw, but hey, what can go wrong with just repressing it, right?
    There are moments where being quiet is the better alternative!

    I stop with that here, as I'm writing me into a fit...
    Right now I couldn't eat as much as I would like to puke.

    Seriously, people like you are the reason, smart people never talk about their problems like that.
    Yes, I have written "smart people", because we obviously still live in times, where it's a stigma, gets make fun of, etc. when you're open about it.
    Let alone the people who give out such awesome "advice", that makes things worse, because they just don't use their brains.

    For me it's "too late" anyway, because I started being open about it, but this shows me, why I never ever should have done so.
    And actually should stop it.

    So... yeah, now I *really* stop it here.
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    Thanks guys. There was unfortunately another incident tonight so I called the police right away. I gave them all the information from this new event including name of the perpetrator and the link/image. Definitely did NOT click on it. They forwarded the information to special investigators. Hopefully they can get this person.

    I worked out a little today and told my parents what happened. I'm feeling a lot better.
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    Sorry that this (almost) happened to you again, (you definitely did the right thing not clicking on the link) but am really happy that it gave the chance to fully report it to the authorities, and hopefully were able to give yourself a sense of closure.
    Pleased that you were able confide in your parents, and really, really happy to hear that you are feeling better.

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  4. Mushroom

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    Talking about it with another person does help. It's part of a self healing process.

    Talk to someone.

    I don't know what country you're in and Police deal with things differently (even between cities).
    So I hope you get sorted.
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    i'm so sorry this happened to you. i too find my way back to my therapist every time i get triggered. good luck to you always. it's a struggle every day.

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