Daughter needs help.

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    Actually, people here made it about me. With a lot of insulting insinuations. I didn't want to talk about me at all. I repeatedly tried to direct the conversation back to her injury. Nobody wanted to talk about that. They wanted to talk about their theories that I am apparently an abusive father.
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    Training 4-5 days a week is actually common for wrestlers who compete on the national level. Which she does. Not sure what kind of "eureka" you think you have there. Youth boxers do the same.

    Going to multiple clubs, means going to different practices for different partners. You don't stack those practices in one day. It means that she practices the same amount of days, sometimes in different locations.

    And it mostly amounts to careful monitoring and recovery. Again, in participating in wrestling and boxing at different times in her life since she was 7, this was the first significant injury she has ever had.
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    No. You asked me if my daughter wanted to participate in these sports, or if I made her participate in sports. That's the part where you went off the rails.

    So here you assume some more. She doesn't box, and wrestle, and do crossfit simultaneously. (Nor was that ever suggested.) When wrestling she trains 4-5 days a week. Any crossfit or lifting she does during wrestling season is done in "maintenance" of her existing gains. Which I might add is what most wrestlers do.

    When boxing, she trains 5 days a week, as every other youth boxer who is serious I have ever met does. She does not lift while boxing. And has not been boxing now for about two years.

    When doing Crossfit with the intention of improving her weight lifting numbers, that is actually all she is doing at that time. It is usually in the summer during the off season of wrestling. She follows the typical regiment of 3 days on, 1 day off. And shifting her exercize focus so as to ensure she does not damage herself by overworking any one area. Ironically crossfit is the thing that has made her the least sore in all of this as the schedule is drawn up carefully to avoid overuse injuries.

    So no. You were not correct in your assumption. As creepy as it is to get cyber stalked because of an internet debate there is nothing in that blog that somehow proves anything you assumed.
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    Hate to burst your bubble. I had other things going on.

    We talked to another sports doctor, who agreed with the massage therapist's theory that the issue is a sprain of the sacrotuberous ligaments. We still don't really know what caused it, as I said earlier she reported to me later that she was feeling uncomfortable sitting before her light fran workout and did not think to mention it.

    We switched physical therapists, and it's pretty clear that the previous ones were incompetent. As my daughter felt a little better after even a couple of sessions. There is more of an emphasis now on targeting muscle imbalances, and more massage/release of the ligaments in question. And ensuring she has proper supervision to be sure she is doing the movements correctly. The other therapists were sometimes treating as many as 3 clients simultaneously and not really ensuring that her form during the exercise was correct.

    I have been contacted by someone in PMs who knows a bit more about what they are talking about. That's been helpful.

    Some of the comments about hypermobile athletes were helpful.

    In all of this, there has been virtually no discussion of the actual injury. Just an inquisition of me as a father.
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    So, don't worry about all that Combat Sports. Focus on the things in this thread about your daughter then. The more you talk about the other stuff, the more others will respond and it will continue.

    I would appreciate it if you would tell us any updates about your daughter. Have you had a chance to explore any of the advice here with any Dr's? If so, to what end? How is she doing? I had no advice to give, but I do want to know how it is going for her. Thanks.

    Edit- looks like I posted this right as you were writing up an update. Thanks for the info.
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    I was away from the thread for a few days and people declared "victory" and "gotcha!"

    Something that is pretty common to "sticky" accusations like abusive parenting, is that if you reply you are "defensive and guilty" and if you don't reply you are "running away because you are guilty"

    It's kind of like throwing a "witch" in a body of water hog tied, if she drowns she is not a witch but she is still dead. If she floats she is a witch so she has to be burned to death.

    The amount of effort put into trying to glean anything useful out of this conversation has made it difficult to find motivation to continue. If the people in this thread were so concerned for my daughter they might of had something to say about the injury itself. They didn't.
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    And you have completely evaded any questions regarding her training programme.

    What have her coaches said?

    What is her training programme, diet, sleep, medical history and so on?

    You want answers, but won't furnish us with any real information.
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    To be fair mate you pretty much initiated the ensuing derail by being as prickly amd overractive as you were....otherwise it would have been MUCH more productive for you early on

    Glad your daughter has a positive prognosis moving forward though...I have always followed what you and her are up to woth interest
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    Your daughters training regime is directly connected to her injury, I've definitely not played the blame game, but her periodisation, and S/C is something that should be continuously assessed, as it should be in all athletes, especially pre adult athletes.

    I hope she bounces back from this, its now been over 12 weeks post injury, so having her report some improvement is about right timescale wise.
  10. Combat Sports

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    Actually, no I didn't. I pointed out that people were making assumptions about it. Until the very end here nobody bothered to actually ask me. They assumed the worst out of the gate.

    One of them suggested the chiropractor.

    I have detailed all of that in answer to people making some pretty wild assertions based on what they found on the blog.

    The entire point of this thread, was that doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors were having problems making an actual diagnosis. In some situations asking around with other athletes can lead to alternate perspectives that can help with that. I gave great detail as to the actual injury itself. Something that virtually nobody even addressed. It was somehow more important to assess if I was forcing her to participate in sports.
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    I am sorry, but I can't really agree with this. The derailing literally happened in the first page of replies of people trying to change the subject directly into saying I must be forcing my child to participate in sports, or suggesting I should of ignored the doctors and given her full rest. And that somehow I was an idiot or abusive for not ignoring the doctors. Again, virtually nobody addressed the actual question posed. I even put it in all caps and bold at one point.

    Thank you.
  12. Hannibal

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    You dont get to dictate what happens in a thread though - and your agreement is; irrelevant, i am just telling you howbis appears from the outside and it was you that came across bellicose for no reason
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    Someone said "I am going to be harsh, and ask if your kid wants to do all this stuff or if you make them do all this stuff?"

    Yes, I reacted negatively, and I would say for good reason.
  14. Dead_pool

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    Considering its a question not a statement, theres no need to react negatively.
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    The lady doth protest too much, methinks
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  16. Hannibal

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    And I would say without good reason'

    Given that you are asking for advice "cold' you will always get qualifiers of this nature - the questioner knew it was going to be a contentious one and prefaced it as much; a simple "no, this is all her" would have done instead of the diatribes you have chosen to indulge in
  17. Smitfire

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    Here's how it could have gone...

    Me: I am going to be harsh, and ask if your kid wants to do all this stuff or if you make them do all this stuff?
    You: That is harsh but I can see how from the outside it may seem like too much but this is all directed by her. She's very motivated and if anything I have to force her to do less and look out that she doesn't do too much.

    This is the blunt written word on the internet and you are asking for advice from complete strangers. If you can't accept that this will involved some back and forth, missed nuance, incorrect assumptions and answering question you may initially not like then this ain't the medium for you perhaps?

    Quite honestly I think I touched a nerve because what I asked is in the right sort of ball-park. Hey-ho.
  18. Combat Sports

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    As I said in my reply earlier. No parent who forces their kids to participate in sports is going to say that they do. Which is why it is basically a veiled accusation.
  19. Combat Sports

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    And I think the fool assumes too much.

    Again. It's hog tie the witch and let them drown or burn them if they float. There was no answer you would of been satisfied with. It's fine. I am just going to ignore you from now on.
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    Then maybe the thread is done.

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