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    This is the latest work by the Health Qigong Administration Center of General Administration of Sports of China. Here is the video in youtube:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sheH0hsUi4"]Ma Wang Dui - YouTube[/ame]
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    What is the point of all these spam posts you keep doing? Have an opinion on something yourself for once
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    Are these things you are looking into practicing and wondering about?

    Are these things you already practice? If so, do you want to tell us something about your experiences with it?

    I am failing to see the poinjt or what you are wanting to discuss so far.
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    Another pointless thread,brought to you by Runcai..
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    Thanks, I was thinking about the relevancy of the concept of Daoyin or guided stretching exercise dated back to 186 BC with International Martial Arts. But I am not sure the current practitioners of IMA knew the guided stretching techniques. Maybe guided stretching techniques is a point for discussion.
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    Then again, maybe it isn't.

    If you want to discuss something give your opinion or ask a question, otherwise it's just a monologue.
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    Thanks, in the West it is called the "meridian stretches". Is Daoyin relevant to Internal Martial Arts?
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    What do YOU think? And WHY?
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    Per Chen Zhenglei, my Yang Shifu and a TCM Doc I am married to (all 3 from China) daoyin is simply an old name for Qigong.
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    Runcai doesn't think - he is actually an electronic embodiment of google, and randomly posts blocks of text that his bots pick up from other websites, in an attempt to pass as human.. :eek::yeleyes:
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    I am becoming more convinced that some Bot technology hunts out places like this to spout drivel in a semi or fully automated form.

    No one human writes this kind of bilge unaided.
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    Well, this article sort of saying that Qigong is from Daoyin, and in that case is Qigong relevant to Taijiquan?
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    Along with the nine curved pearl, the concept of extend to all (8) directions or stretch to all sides is similar to the idea of guided stretching.
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    The Mawangdui Daoyin Shu suggested four characteristics:

    1. Focusing attention along the Meridians in coordination with mental concentration
    2. Rotating and stretching in a slow, relaxed manner
    3. Stretching tendons - alternating tension with relaxation
    4. Breathing to achieve the unity of body and mind

    Is any of these relevant to the practices of Internal Martial Arts?
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    Look up Neijia and you will be enlightned
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    Can I ask you an honest question? What do you actually do when you practice?
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    That would need someone else to answer the question then he could just repeat it verbatim - he is allergic to having an opinion of his own apparently
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    Abstinence, I try to abstain from concentric muscle contraction, and a few other things.

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