Currently Doing Japanese Jujutsu, but still not sure...

Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by reneg, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Plus due to so many instances over the years (and years and years) of Judo players using their skills in real world situations its applicability would seem to be established.

    The late R.W. Smith once wrote something along the lines that when you're heading down to the docks and there's going to be trouble if you have a choice of taking with you a Gung Fu master,a 3rd dan Karateka,or a Judo 1st kyu-take the Judoka.

    This he wrote during the same period he was writing glowingly about the abilities of the likes of Cheng,Wang,Hung,Wm.Chen,and a guy he considered one superbad dude- Mr. W's teacher.
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    James, you did not train long enough to form any legitimate basis to compare what Hobbs-Sensei teaches to any potential Daitoryu technical sources. That would require more experience with both Hakkoryu and Daitoryu. I hold Shodan ranking under Hobbs-Sensei and I wouldn't presume to make any sort of comparison.

    Also, it may be worth clarifying that you did not "leave" the Dentokan group you were asked to leave, just as you were asked to leave the Indianapolis Aikikai. The implication that you left because you found the kata to static and mechanical may be a bit dishonest.

    In regard to Dentokan Jujutsu vs. Hakkoryu Jujutsu, as an experienced practitioner of the former I would suggest that the Dentokan interpretation has become unique in it's own light. I think this has to do with a Karate mentality Hobbs-Sensei has "infused" into the system.

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