Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Kris x, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    Hi everyone,:p
    I was just curious about the prices in the Bujinken.

    What is your annual membership fees?

    What is your monthly training fees?

    What is your blackbelt fee from first to fourth Dan?

    And then from the various dan upwards?

    Not looking to flame the Bujinken.:Angel: :D

    Just curious.:Angel:

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  2. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    I think you'll find it depends on the teacher. Right now, all I pay are my Hombu dues. It didn't cost a dime for my Shodan, my teacher that awarded it to me paid for it. I did pay for my Shidoshikai membership, and this years dues, cost me 3000 yen I believe. Monthly lessons? 0. Guy I train with now does not believe in charging BB. Plus, I help teach the kids class and I teach class when he can't make it. As far as BB fees from Shodan to Yondan, I guess it will depend on who awards my rank. And then whether or not I want to remain a Shidoshikai member or just a non-Shidoshi/kai member and pay regular dues.
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  3. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    What are the fees for people under Shodan?
    What is 300 yen? I tried the currency converter but it said £1.50, I don't that is how much it cost's for a year somehow.....?
    What does the guy your training with now charge people under BB?
    What is the the Shidoshi fees?
    What is the nonShidoshi fees?
  4. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    I didn't think it was "the done thing" to discuss Bujinkan fees on the net????
  5. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    Why are you not open about your training fees?

    I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...:p
  6. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    I belive it comes form Soke that such things aren't to be discussed over the net......???

    Club fees are ok i.e. how much I pay for training but things like Hombu training and membership and all that I thought were off limits???
  7. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    What have you got to hide?:Angel:
    They over charging you?:rolleyes:

    e.g, If I had Godan, what would be my yearly membership???:)
  8. Peaceful Tiger

    Peaceful Tiger Happy Member

    Apparently it's true, I got a telling off from a high Dan grade via PM a few months ago for discussing that particular topic.
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  9. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    As has been pointed out it has been requested by Soke that such matters are not discussed in open on the net and I feel that should be respected.

    If you feel such a need to find out about fees within the Bujinkan then I suggest you join. :Angel:

    I think this thread should be locked now. :bang:
    As it looks like a flame war is being instigated???
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  10. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Kris, some people don't want to discuss their dues or fees, that's their right. Doesn't give you the permission to badger them about it. And it's true, Soke doesn't exactly encourage a discussion about it. Like I said, it depends on the teacher. About what the guy I train with charges? Don't know. None of my business. All I can say is, none of the teachers I have had have charged my for a grade, ever. Yearly dues was what I paid. I've been fortunate, my last teacher taught out of his home, for free. Just for the love of the art.

    Now, if people don't want to disclose any info, quit pushing. It's not polite.
  11. Kris x

    Kris x :-p

    Fair enough, I was just wondering.:Angel:
  12. Bouk Teef

    Bouk Teef Valued Member

    To be fair to Kris I don't think that is her intension.

    Speaking generally ;) , what she has asked is relevant and is a fair question. No need to locked a thread because [for some] it may be a sensitive subject. The topic should be able to be discussed in a mature fashion as without noses being bent out of shape!!!

    Is the discussion of fees and membership discouraged because of medium used is so open and unaccountable or can such subjects be discussed through PM's for example?

    My own feeling on the matter is there is no need to shy away from talking about how much each of us pays for training (whether that be grading, suit purchase, membership or training fee), after all, we live in a global village; doesn't the comparison of costs serve as a bit of regulation. After all, if you are getting charged a huge membership fee and another person, who trains in the same organisation, isn't then is that fair?

    Please note - I am in no way suggesting that the Bujinkan works in this way so please don't take it as such!! I am only using an extreme example to raise a point! :)

    If Hatsumi (or any Chief Instructor) is reluctant for this students and BB's to discuss how much money is being passed onto him then it is also a fair question to ask why that is the case?

    If a new student walks through the door of a dojo and asks how much training costs would it be reasonable to respond by saying, "Oh, we can't tell you; you will find out when you reach that particular grade". Probably not!

    So, lets discuss!
  13. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    OK so i just spent 10min writting a reply only to have Explorer crash :bang:

    1) Sorry but I do feel that was exactly the intention. IMHO The post was done as a "tit fot tat" for comments made by another member in an unrelated thread.

    For example

    This has been used in the past by BBD members to rebut comments made by certain Bujinkan members!! :bang: Again the way it is written doesn't exactly make it look like an innocent or sincere enquiry!

    It's not a matter of noses being bent out of shape. It's because Soke has requested that specific details about fee should not be discussed on a public forum. This could be for a number of of them may be that it's a cultural thing!!!?????

    I think it's due to the medium. The information is available you just have to go through the correct channels.

    As I've said it's not a matter of discussion being forbiden it's the medium being used.

    Again not the case. As far as I know the information is available to current and prospective members of the Bujinkan. If someone wishes to know about information with reagrds to training in the Bujinkan then IMHO they should contact thier local Bujinkan Instructor.

    You can write your post in as "general manner" as you wish but IMHO again this seems to be an attempt at retribution for past comments. I am happy with my training and organisation as I'm sure all you BBD folks are happy with yours, which is good I hope you continue to enjoy it.

    Now please can we leave this and get on with discussing something that will aid us all in our training.

    If I have been way off in my posts the I appologise in advance. However I do feel all our time can be better spent than going over old ground and trying for "one-up manship" and so I again request this thread to be locked please !!

    Thank you
  14. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Bouk, Hatsumi Sensei has requested that certain things are not discussed on the internet, this is one of those things, we respect those wishes and his reasons, the same as you would respect Brian if he told you, and no, you`re right, an instructor would not act in this way when a new student arrives in the Dojo because that is the place for discussion.

    You have brought up a reasonable point but again i stress, this is what Hatsumi Sensei requires, many years ago when Brian was part of the Bujinkan he came back from Japan stating that he could not tell us what was said because Hatsumi Sensei asked him not to.

    We are not trying to hide anything, we are just following our teachers wishes.

    It`s good to hear from you again.
  15. Bouk Teef

    Bouk Teef Valued Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't see politely asking for specific information to be wrong. What gave you the impression I was looking for some sort of "one-up-manship"?

    I have an opinion on many subjects (you might have noticed!) however I am not in anyway looking to put down the Bujinkan. To have an opinion on there needs to be an understanding of the specifics.

    I've been told this before by the esteemed Mr Chappman: if you don't like the subject, don't post!
  16. Bouk Teef

    Bouk Teef Valued Member

    Again, thanks for the reply.

    I understand where you are coming from and, of course agree with the sentiment.

    Perhaps somebody could PM me the info I am after.
  17. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    As I said if I have been way off then I appologise :)

    ps Where'd you get your screen name from??? :D
  18. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    And I see this steadily spiraling into a pointless "He said, well he said" thread. Therefore, I am locking it. If you have a legit question and want a straight answer, PM the member that can answer, relevant to your area. $$ prices may not mean much against the pound, and as in my case, I don't pay anything except yearly dues which are paid in yen. Therefore the price fluctuates year to year.
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