Crosstraining other methods with silat

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Crucible, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Curious as to who's crosstrained silat with other methods and what your experiance has been, paticularly with systema, capoeria, or BJJ. Thoughts or comments?
  2. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Let me add one more, kalaripayit. Anybody crosstrained this with silat?
  3. krys

    krys Valued Member

    I learned a few capoiera exercises to improve my footwork, practiced bjj for 6 years to learn how to fight on the ground and get the opportunity to spare with grapplers.

    Now besides wing chun and sanshou I also practice systema. Systema is a great art, it helps to understand body mechanics, developp sensitivity, absorb shock, fight in a relaxed way, developp fighting spirit..... I believe it's greatest benefit is that it gives me a better understanding of silat and allows me to use my art more efficiently. Actually systema fighting feels like silat .....
  4. masterfinger

    masterfinger New Member

    I found the blending of Silat Serak and Systema (and other Russian systems) to be an excellent mix. They compliment each other well IMO. I've been training in both for over 10 years now, and have shown instructors in both systems how I've been blending the two, with nothing but positive responses. Though we also use concepts from JKD & Muay Thai also, the majority of our core concepts come from Silat Serak & Systema, which as I said before, compliment each other rather well.
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  5. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Krys, Masterfinger,
    How's the systema knifework influence your other knifework from FMA and silat? Do you practice any of the health training or metaphysical aspects of systema?

    Krys do you use any of the systema groundwork or copiera with your low level silat?

    Masterfinger how do you find the tenjekan practiced by VDT sera combines with the fluid mulitple strikes of systema? And the systema short stick work with the soempat(sp?)?
  6. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Crucible, I use the slow work method of systema to train with real blades, I also adopted multiple striking methods for knive work.

    I don't practice much health-metaphysical systema because of lack of time, I don't even have enough time to practice arnis anymore. 80% of my training time right now is devoted to silat, my last trip was very fruitfull......

    I practice a few capoiera exercises mostly to improve leg catching skills and developp mobility. Yes I use systema groundwork to improve my low level silat.
    I am more difficult to catch since I added systema to my ground game, sensitivity also improved and I am able to make better use of my knowledge of body mechanics to break things....I've seen Vladimir and other top level systema guys on the ground and what they are doing feels like silat...
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  7. masterfinger

    masterfinger New Member

    "How's the systema knifework influence your other knifework from FMA and silat?"
    It didn't really influence it, it more like expanded it, yet made it simpler at the same time.

    "Do you practice any of the health training or metaphysical aspects of systema?"
    I do some of the health training like cold water dousing(once a day), fasting (once a month), slow motion pushups & squats, and breathing exercises.

    "Masterfinger how do you find the tenjekan practiced by VDT sera combines with the fluid mulitple strikes of systema?"
    Hmmm, good question, hard to answer. Basically, lets call it a blending of the hard with the soft, and the direct with the indirect. Both systems have unique ways of striking, and both have their applications. I like having an arsenal thats not restrictive, so it's basically a matter of what works for me.

    "And the systema short stick work with the soempat(sp?)?"
    Unfortunately, the only Systema stickwork I've been exposed to is learning to avoid getting hit.

    What I've really hooked onto most when it comes to the blending of Systema & RMA's with Silat Serak is the use of levers and the disruption or destruction of the opponents base & structure.
  8. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    What have you noticied in terms of how you feel, vitality, clarity, and ect, re/ the health exercises? What time of day do you do the cold water dousing and do you do this when you travel?
  9. masterfinger

    masterfinger New Member

    I feel great! The pushups and squats keep me in decent shape, and since I've started dousing about 4 yrs ago, I haven't been sick a single day (except the occasional hangover :cool: ) even though my wife & son have gone through several colds & the flu.
    Since I work graveyard shifts, I'll shower douse before work(real hot shower ending with about 4 seconds of sudden cold) during the week, and bucket douse outside on the grass on the weekends. I travel alot, and thats when i'll just shower douse. The bucket method outside on the grass is way better effect wise.
  10. starrider7777

    starrider7777 New Member

    I have cross trained Silat Concepts with Muay Thai, Kali, BJJ, JKD(
    also Krav Maga, SEAL tactics, Aikido and various knife fighting techniques.
    I found Muay Thai useful for conditioning and power development, Kali effective with hand weapons attacks and empty hands defenses against hand weapons, BJJ effective with ground fighting, Krav Maga and other commando styles great for weapons disarms, Aikido best for multiple opponents and JKD philosophy great for tying it all together. Of all of this, my favorite stuff comes from the Silat applications. I really like Joseph Simonet's stripped down Silat concepts, ideas and innovations he integrates into his KI Fighting Concepts system the best (I use his video tapes for instruction as he is in Washington and I in Oklahoma). The most comparable thing to this particular expression of Silat I have found is the Krav Maga with its elbow strikes and economy of movement combined with controlled, powerful aggression. I would very much like to train in Russian Sambo or Systema next but am very limited in what is available in the Sate of Oklahoma.
    BTW, I would not claim to be an expert in any of these arts...I have just been able to take pieces of each of them and make it all work together with some real world success.
    I guess you could say I am one of those people that knows a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. :D

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