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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Socrastein, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Socrastein

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    When you perform a cross punch, do you first load most/all your weight onto the rear foot and then tranfer it forward onto the lead foot as you punch to get your body weight behind the strike, or do you have your weight on your lead foot the whole time, with no transfer of body weight, simply a torquing of the hips.

    I was always taught that you keep most of your weight on your rear foot throughout a fight, load the rear foot with weight when you jab, and then transfer that weight forward as you cross to really get that knockout power.

    However, I've been training with a guy who boxed for about 9 years and he says he always learned to keep your weight on your lead foot as you fight, so you have better range with your jab, and your cross power comes soley from twisting your body and pushing off your rear foot, there's no real weight transfer.

    I'm curious how everyone here learned it.
  2. callsignfuzzy

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    I tend to keep a bit more weight in my lead leg. I never go less than 50/50 on the lead leg unless I need to use it for kicking. This is mostly 'cause my boxing's oriented towards the MMA game, and takedowns are an issue, but for pure boxing I'd expect that having most of your weight in the rear would limit your defensive mobility and telegraph your lead-hand punches a bit. If you're a little more weighted in your lead, then when you get hit with the force of a straight punch, you can roll back with it a bit if you need too; if the majority of your weight's already in the rear, you've got no where to go, right?
  3. Hiroji

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    coming from a kickboxing point of view i always try to keep the heel of my rear foot slightly elevated which naturally puts most weight through to the front foot. When crossing i then transfer any remaining weight to the front foot, lifting the rear heel, and twisting to point the toes inwards at the same time.
  4. Jamo2

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    I always keep a ever so slight bit more weight on my front foot. I find it helps towards my reach.
    When i cross, its more like i push with my back foot than transfer weight. And the hips are involved a lot more than in the jab.
  5. mai tai

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    this really depends on who is doing the teaching...i have had reputable boxing coaches tell be both ways
  6. Hades

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    I try to put an even weight on both legs..

    but I also have a very wide stance, and I keep my rear heel a bit elevated..

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