Crippled Avengers and the lost art of Blacksmithing

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    I was watching an old Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movie, "Crippled Avengers" and I noticed something that I can only imagine has been lost to antiquity.

    First the bad guys son had both his arms cut off above the elbows. I must say his Kung Fu was strong, even for a young kid, since he apparently had the ability to prevent himself from bleeding out. His father, the bad guy, was proud of him for his resolve at not talking to those that cut off his hands and told him they'd have the blacksmith make him new arms. Fast forward many years and now this young kid is an evil adult Kung Fu master with iron forearms and hands..... that shoot darts. But what truly amazed me even more was that the fingers on these iron hands appeared to work.

    Now, one of the heroes fights the bad guys and they cut off his legs. He to has strong Kung Fu and prevents himself from bleeding out in the middle of a dirt road, not to mention his ability to fight off serious infection and gangrene. But then later, he also gets the blacksmith to make him some legs. And on these legs, he masters Kung Fu and has amazing kicks. But here again, what truly amazed me is that the foot and ankle both work as a normal foot and ankle worked.

    Just think of how much better prosthetics would be today of Blacksmiths still knew how to do this and such things were not in the hands of Biomechanics engineers.

    Yes I realize it is an old Shaw Brothers movie and not to be take seriously, heck I saw one where a woman's eyes grew back after being darted in the eyes, but I thought the expertise of Blacksmiths, in old China, was something worth mentioning :D
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