Creatine forms, any advice?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dead_pool, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Dead_pool

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    So now I'm finally getting back into regular lifting, Ive recently added creatine into my suppliments (basically just coffee), so I can maximize my limited time, and after having horrendous stomach cramps on three seperate occasions, with the monohydrate in tablet form... I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the other forms, and / or any other tips/tricks.

    I was thinking either micronised monohydrate added to OJ, or try the hydrochloride form?

    It's all super cheap nowadays, so cost isn't really a major factor for this.
  2. axelb

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    I only used the micronised monohydrate, usually in a pint of water or juice. Never recall having any issues with it on its own.
    There were a few preworkouts with it in that gave me bad cramps, but I avoided them all for a long time.
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    Interesting, cheers, I might try both and see what's best, the hydrochloride is only a fiver for a trial pack, I'll do that first! (The HCL May not effect the stomach, but there's not been many trials)
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  4. Frodocious

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    I've always just used the creatine monohydrate powder dissolved in a small amount of water and never had any stomach issues with it.
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  5. Dead_pool

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    I used to have some problems with the powder back in the day, but not always, I've tried grinding the tablets as well, and the issue is still there, hopefully the different type/salt/etc will help!
  6. icefield

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    Some people do respond with cramps try the powered version and drink more water than usual it can dry some people out with doesn't help with the cramps
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