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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by sprint, May 10, 2007.

  1. sprint

    sprint Banned Banned

    create a bjj style for each one in this group of individuals:

    1. weak but fast

    2. weak and slow

    3. strong but slow

    4. strong and fast
  2. Stalkachu

    Stalkachu resU deretsigeR

    Infinite answers to this, but I guess I'll be a sucker and give it a shot:

    1. Focus on getting the back and going for RNC. Armdrags, probably based around a guard game (due to not being certain of getting a takedown). Also a strong leg lock game, if focusing on the toe holds, ankle locks, heel hooks, etc.

    Ex: Marcelo Garcia.

    2. This is, uh, obviously a hard one. Probably some kind of highly technical guard game looking for the sub from the guard, emphasis on triangles, omoplatas etc. Armbars possible, but only following a sweep to get on top due to strength disadvantage.

    Ex: ...? Eddie Bravo? 'cept he isn't slow...

    3. Two variations. Either a strong grinding clinching takedown game followed by slow domination from on top, or a very slow methodical and powerful guard player. Both work, so it's really a matter of taste, natural talent, and body structure. If strong, slow and lanky, maybe guard. If strong, slow and squat, maybe top game. But ultimately, anyone can do anything, so whatever.

    Ex: Marcio "Pe De Pano" Cruz, Jeff Monson.

    4. Explosive takedown game with a wide variety of options after passing the guard. Subs from just about anywhere, but the ability to play the points game and just positionally dominate should they want to. Guard is a strong option, but probably de-emphasised due to the physical advantages they enjoy in the stand-up aspect.

    Ex: Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza.

    ...why do you ask? And what do you think the correct answers are in your opinion? Discussion is a two-way street, yaknow. ^_^

    Take care,

  3. sprint

    sprint Banned Banned

    i'll give you guys my take on it later. but for now i have to go to school.
  4. JayKayD

    JayKayD Meet my friend PAIN!

    I applaud your attempt to answer this question stalkachu.
  5. Stalkachu

    Stalkachu resU deretsigeR

    I applaud your applauding of my attempt. ^_^

    Take care,

  6. sprint

    sprint Banned Banned

    esentially the weaker guys would have a guard game while the stronger guys will have a 'on-top' game.

    but i think that the strong fast guy can play any game he wants to whereas if one is weaker the game becomes more limited.

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