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  1. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Ok, went to training last night.

    Woke up this morning, did the usual wake up and wonderful *sttrreettcchhhh* before decideding to actually vacate said warm bed....

    All of a sudden sheer unadulterated pain shoots up my right calf muscle!

    This isnt the first time i have had cramp but this was really quite there anyway of preventing or getting rid of cramp without someone massaging or stretching it out (i live all on my lonesome :( )

    Thanks All

  2. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Maybe I should move this to health and fitness Cobalt, as there are tonnes of people who look at that?

    I would suggest bananas- they help with cramp.I get it a lot in my toes when in my stances if I haven't eaten a banana or 2 that day.
  3. calidris

    calidris Valued Member

    Dear Lonesome,
    You may need to get a bit more salt in your diet as lack thereof can cause cramps. Alternatively Pandas are very good at relieving...cramps. :) You should arrange a house visit! After all Moderators are meant to look out for us mere mortals. :D
  4. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Pfft! Home visits???? I certainly dont do extras :D

    I'll move this just so that more people can help out.

    Please can you health and fitness people help Mr Lonesome out ? :)
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  5. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Gee thanks guys.

    If only there was a way of typing out a mutley phrase from wacky racers!

    *mutter mutter mutter* doesnt seem to quite have it!

    Right so bannana and ready salted crisp sandwiches it is?
  6. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    So how do you go about, getting rid of cramps once you have them?
  7. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Stretching it out usually, also massage the affected area too.
  8. Hippolyta

    Hippolyta Meet coordinator Supporter

    just rubbing the area where the cramp is makes it go away quite quickly. I get very bad cramp in my calf muscles, and rubbing them makes it better for me.
  9. calidris

    calidris Valued Member

    Hi Cobalt, Does this cramp always appear in the morning? Rubbing it usually helps but not too fast as we dont want to add friction burns to your list of ailments. Start off slowly and keep up a good movement, nice and slowly does it. You may find yourself speeding up and thats natural but remember, as in all Martial Arts, speed is no substitute for good technique! If the area around your 'cramp' is dry you may wish to apply some oil or similar to ease the friction. If you do it correctly, you'll find that once the 'cramp' has been rubbed better, you'll feel more relaxed and happy.

    If you do end up living with someone, always make sure they know the right way to relieve your 'cramps' as they can occur at any time and immediate relief is always appreciated.

    hth ;)
  10. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60


    Your A...

    Rotflmao :D :D :D ;)
  11. calidris

    calidris Valued Member

  12. tsname

    tsname New Member

    I used to suffer quite a bit of leg cramps, here are some tips;
    1. Make sure you're drinking an ample amount of water the whole day.
    2. Make sure you have enough salt in your diet, not too high, of course, but definitely not too low.

    In the event of a leg cramp:
    1. BREATHE!!! Don't stop breathing just to scream, breathing helps to relax the cramp.
    2. Straighten out your leg, if you're on your back, point your toes up so that you pull your calves the opposite direction of the cramp.
    3. If you can't straighten out your leg on your own, stand on it so you can get your heel to touch the floor.

    When all is said and done, stretch the calf often, massage it every once in a while. Put warm compress if you want also.
  13. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    In all seriouesness cramp tends to be caused by a lack of potassium in the diet. Once you sort this out you will stop getting cramps. Bannanas are a good one
  14. tsname

    tsname New Member

    Forgot about the potassium bit... bananas and taters...
  15. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Excellent, cheers all.
  16. medical 2933

    medical 2933 Banned Banned

    here are three basic causes of cramping. One is when you overflex the calf muscle. One is inadequate oxygenation of muscle, where excess lactic acid, produced by anaerobic respiration, builds up and puts stress on the muscle. The other is lack of water or salt. Cramps from poor oxygenation can be improved by rapid deep breathing, as well as stretching the muscle. Cramps from lack of salt and water can be treated by stretching the muscle, and of course drinking water and increasing salt intake. Pounding on the muscle can increase soreness.

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