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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Maverick, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Maverick

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    Can't vouch for the quality of goods or delivery because I haven't used it (yet) but it looks damn useful for people needing more specific supplements because of the customiser feature. You can mix your own batch of protein/supplement/flavouring and the prices are pretty cheap too. They also do a range of pre-mixed formulas ie. Looks like they know their stuff.

    Only problem I can see is spending far too much money ordering all sorts of different mixes :bang:
  2. YODA

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    Looks a pretty good site from an initial trawl through.

    I used to by from Affordable Supplements but their website seems to have vanished! :(
  3. Stan O'Kella

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  4. YODA

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  5. tsukikage

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    Don't know if you are interested but there is a set of supposed Martial Artist Nutritionals that are supposed to be formulated for specific activities...I found them at Sakura -

    Like I said, not sure how good they are but they looked interesting.
  6. Stan O'Kella

    Stan O'Kella Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    I've got the


    Its not bad stuff, doesnt mix too well in a shaker with water, and tastes a little watery!! Mixes good with milk and tastes nice. Seems to be decent quality too, after a lay off on the weights noticed a reasonable increase in muss mass for the time period i was training.
  7. Maverick

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  8. Sever

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    I've been using the Dymatize Elite for a couple of months as well. I got mine from for £27.99 including postage. It's good stuff that tastes nice, doesn't mix too well outside of a blender though. When this tub runs out, I may have a go with the Precision Protein Yoda and Stan O'Kella mentioned
    Has anyone tried the SAN Nutrition "Infusion" powder? From the description it sounds like a mix of protein shake and fat burner. I ask because a local shop has it on special offer at the moment
  9. Ad McG

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    Cheapest I've found in the UK. Good service as well. Don't buy the protein cookies they advertise at the shopping cart page, they are unbelievably nasty!

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