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    Also authoritarians love enacting drastic and "look at me, I'm doing something, unlike the establishment of the past" optically good policies and spin it that way.

    My sister in law was in reach when Chechen terrorists attacked a theatre, she came back to the UK with nothing but praise for Putin and went on about how great he was. The Russian security services has actually messed up and accidentally gassed the terrorists AND a number hostages to death... but it was spun entirely differently.

    My mum lived in India when Modi changed the currency, she had nothing but praise because she said "he did it to stop corruption and now people have to reveal their finances, its working".
    It absolutely did not work to do anything but starve the poorest people but the optics of fighting corruption looks good.

    Extend this same thing to early Xi in China or Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi- they've gained the public's trust by spinning drastic action in a palatable way.
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  2. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before. it finished yet?
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    Realistically, it should be.... But legally not yet.

    Everything John Oliver predicted a month ago is what's happening now.
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    No. Trump loyalists are claiming they have proof that election machines were hacked, but are showing no evidence. The phrase "release the kraken" refers to this and is the new "pizzagate."

    And of course, comparing an alleged vast conspiracy of "metropolitan globalists" secretly controlling the government to a giant octopus has a VERY ugly history. Yet another dog whistle to the folks with tiki torches.

    George Soros Targeted By Anti-Semitic Meme That Predates The Nazis
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    I hear the deadline is something like 6th December for his dispute to be heard to a Supreme Court?

    And how long did it take (4 years ago) when Trump won and people were screaming Russian intereference? I distinctly remember at least a years worth of memes of Putin puppettery etc....
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    Two different issues. There's a short time line for disputing who actually won an election. Impeaching a sitting president for high crimes and misdemeanors is a separate issue and doesn't need to be done before they take office.
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    Today, Trump asked Republican-controlled state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia to ignore the population's vote for president in each state (Biden won each of those states) and instead designate their electoral votes in the Electoral College to Trump. The legal basis for such a tactic is shaky even in ivory tower theory, and it would be unprecedented in American history. In the slim chance that this tactic is successful, it would not be hyperbole to call it the death of American democracy.
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    This feels like a watershed moment here, at what point do republicans who don't support this, step away and make it known that democracy is more important then the wishes of their god king DJ Trump.

    And for the ones left who do support this, what needs to be done to deradicalise them.

    Usually the working class rise up when they feel like there not being considered by the government, but in this case they're activity supporting a government that doesn't support them.

    Perhaps bringing back the FCC fairness act would be a start, and having education funding tied to federal funding instead of local property taxes too, otherwise poor areas get poor schooling, and the uneducated are more easily influenced by propaganda.

    FCC fairness doctrine - Wikipedia
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    Today a Trump attorney said that elections official should be shot.

    Trump lawyer: ex-election security chief Krebs should be 'taken out and shot'

    In the era where the president tells Proud Boys to "stand by" for further orders, and when an attempt on the Michigan governor's life followed Trump's call to "liberate" Michigan, this sort of speech is dangerous.
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    Newsmax.... That says it all, how are those channels even legal!
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  14. Mitlov

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    When your alleged left-wing conspiracy includes the FBI, the CIA, and AG William Barr...your alleged conspiracy is slightly suspicious.
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    It seems that, though Trump may never officially concede, Biden is being recognised by an increasing number of Republicans as well as his supporters.

    That Biden will be, in accordance with the democratic process, president, now seems inevitable.

    The big question is whether he can build any sort of consensus, whether he can draw some moderate Republicans away from Trump, because otherwise I really fear for the US. Trump has, without care for the consequences, opened several boxes, and getting those demons back in there is going to be incredibly difficult.
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    They started a while ago. Charlottesville was years ago and we had somebody drive over and kill someone matching against racism, and the next day he was calling the racist thugs "fine people". Attempted coup by militia, armed people storming state capitols, armed children in the streets killing random people....not a good mix, anger and politics, but it is what it is.

    I'm not surprised so many of his supporters are so hyper aggressive. He's been putting himself up as the quintessential alpha male for decades. Now that image is crumbling everyone, including him, is going to go off the deep end.
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    Jesus Mary and Joseph himself.... He's still claiming voter fraud!
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    Remember I said India is further away from fascism than the USA... I was wrong
    UP’s ‘love jihad’ ordinance has chilling effect on freedom of conscience

    That state in India has 200 MILLION people.
    Note that Indian high courts also ruled that children and grown women were under the guardianship of their fathers.
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