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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Narrue, Oct 31, 2006.

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    This guy has grasshopper legs, pistols are difficult enough but jumping pistols:eek:

    [ame=""]Steve Cotter - Kettlebell Demo Video - YouTube[/ame]
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    flamin nora!
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    Please describe

    I am in a village in Thailand at the moment and in a few days will be going back to my village in Indonesia, both places only have dial up and can't watch utube. Please describe what you are watching.

    An other conditioning exercise mentioned by the Merpati Putih guys - we in PGB also have something similar, using the lidi (which is not strictly lidi, but bamboo peices a little smaller tahn chopstix, through on the ground and gather in on sweep of the hand. With bigger bamboo peices, 1/2 cm in diameter and 1 meter long, bundle up as many as will make the size of a waist, tie with inner tubes. Throw up and catch sideways making your fingers stick in to the peices of bamboo.

    An other conditioning exercise we call sukong. Find a young tree and beat it with your arms using deep energy to make the tree shudder. Don't ise wrists just the inner and outer sides of you arms. Dr. Phil and his students do the same with their sapu bawah using a thick bamboo pole stuck into the ground. When I got saped I felt it right to the bone, shuddered all throgh my skeleton!

    An other conditioning exercise for your eyes, to stop them from blinking in a fight: light a ciggarette and stubb it out in your eye, first left then right and repeat every day till you are blind.

    Warm salaams to all,
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    Hi Kiai,

    Its not a conditioning exercise done in Silat really, just thought this guy had unbelievable leg strength. A pistol is a body weight exercise where you raise and lower the body using the power of one leg. I guess the silat equivalent would be a tiger jump using the power of one leg to thrust you into the air, a pistol is harder though.
    Pictures speak a thousand words (just so I don’t have to :D ) here is a picture of what a pistol is......try a few!

    Ok now you know what a pistol is try standing on a table top, jumping off, doing a pistol and jumping back on the table using the same leg, this guy dose it 4 or 5 times….very difficult!
  5. Kiai Carita

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    Silat does do thes conditioning exercises too... depends which silat you are talking about. Usually young men do these. I saw in my village the Kera Sakti guys doing these exercises. Thank you for telling me ..


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