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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Narrue, Oct 31, 2006.

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    Hi Narrue,

    Where did you learn Kucin?
  2. Narrue

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    From a cat :D
  3. Wali

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    LOL.... And what where did this cat reside, when he was teaching it in the form of a human?
  4. sulaiman

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    orang jawa wrote If you want to have a good kick, horsestance will not help you as much as you think. To have a good kick, you have practice kick religiously.

    salaams Mas tristan & all ,

    In our trainng it is impossible to have a good kick without good kuda kuda, and horse stance training is very beneficial to good kuda kuda.
    When we deliver a front kick for example the power must come primarily from the buttocks and hips
    Horse stance , static or moving builds these muscles and develops the cordination between the lower back muscles , the legs , the bottom and the hips.

    It is also particularly useful for european /western students who more often than not need to lower their centre of gravity / consciousness from the chest to the hara , which is also an essential ingredient to a good kick.

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  5. fire cobra

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    muay thai/tae kwon do fighters have good kicks and i dont see them in kuda kuda or horse stance,all they do is..err well..kick! things and people! :)
  6. Orang Jawa

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    Salam Sulaiman,
    I think we have different ways of understanding of what training that will help our objective. Its okay, just different :)
    In my shallow knowledge, horse-stance is used for training lower body. Kicking front kick from horse-stance will not going to have a sufficient power, because your hips is lock from the start. Each time you are trying to kick from horse stance facing 12 O'clock, both your hips is all ready facing 12 o'clock. Therefore when you are begin to transfer your weight to other leg, the kicking leg and hip is moving in two motions, moving to the left (other leg) than pushing forward with your right leg. No spring in to the kick. Yes it could be done but not as good as you are practice kicking from the front stance where your hip and leg moving in one direction.

    I will give an example how his we practice kicks, front kick (thrust/snap), sidekick, and roundhouse kick.
    Front kick, we always practice from front stance or from kuda-kuda facing 12 o'clock. For a thrust kick, you must raise your knee first at the same time you tranfer your weight and deliver the brute force forward using the ball of your foot. For front snap kick or groin kick, you are using the instep, therefore you do not need to raise your knee. Its a raising kick, so you do all in one move.

    Kicking side kick from horse-stance, ie; facing 12 o'clock and kicking to the 3 and 9 oclock is good exercise to line up your hip to the direction of the target, eventually you will have to learn how to kick from the front stance facing 12 o'clock.

    Kicking roundhouse kick from horse stance is also good practice, ie; you are facing 12 o'clock and do the roundhouse kick facing 3 oclock and landed in horse stance facing 6 o'clock and roundhouse kick facing 9 o'clock.

    Again, this our ways of "basic" training kicks and slightly different when we do sapu or beset. So, if this not suit to your way of training, then we agree to disagree, right? ;)
  7. Kiai Carita

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    Male Strength in Bed

    Warm salaams,

    For males only: Pulling your anus up and holding it in and releasing it a couple of hundred times a day will allow you to control when you ejaculate and also keep your erection stiff. Thus with this ilmu YOU will be a HERO in bed lasting hours and hours if you so wish.

    It is true!

  8. Sgt_Major

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    I'd heard that before.
  9. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    You dirty man!…..I wasn’t talking about that kind of stamina, but thanks for the tip anyway :D LOL

    As for ILMU…..those who seek its origin in the anus must surly be mistaking :D
  10. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    Btw Kiai should one wait until the full moon before one attempts these esoteric exercises or can one do as he pleases :D
  11. Kiai Carita

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    In Real Life

    Salam Silat Narrue...

    You don't have to wait till full moon, just do it anywhere when you remember and then when you are getting to excited between the sheets it is time to practise the jurus in real life situations.

    It is true. If you doubt me, go practise for a week and come back here to tell us all about the improvements in your sex-life.

    Warm salaams,
  12. sulaiman

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    mas tristan wrote
    [In my shallow knowledge, horse-stance is used for training lower body. Kicking front kick from horse-stance will not going to have a sufficient power, because your hips is lock from the start.

    Hi mas tristan & all,

    yes we agree :) ,
    what I was saying is that the result of the horse stance training eg a stronger lower body, is invaluable to good kicks.
    seems like a basic kind of statement I know , but then over in the UK and even in Indonesia & Malaysia I have seen silat which prides itself on having dropped any kind of kuda kuda training .
    not us - we would drop everything else before dropping kuda kuda
    adios amigo
  13. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    I believe you!….since you recommend it with such a passion I can only assume it has worked wonders for yourself. I will try it for one week and get back with the results……NOT :D
  14. Kiai Carita

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    Assalamualaekum, Sulaiman...

    I heard about this before but don't understand how do you drop kuda-kuda training? I would imagine that to do silat without kuda-kuda one would firstly master levitating. Kuda-kuda is not the answer to all problems but it is as important to have sturdy kuda-kuda as it is to have agile movement, is it not?

    Warm salaams to all,
  15. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Salam Bram,
    I heard a good things happening between you and Dr. Phil...I am glad, indeed :)
    You are right, practice silat without kuda-kuda. Is like wondering in the desert with thirst holding powder lemonade....
    Many people want to learn silat the fastest way, and most of them quite before even begin understanding the core of silat. Like eating peanuts, they ate the skin and throaway the nut. Or something like that :)
  16. Silat4life

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    It's VERY true, it's the Perineum muscle that your actually squeezing.

    I went to a holistic retreat in "95", every morning we did power yoga,
    and a breathing exercise called naddi shudi, when you breath out you squeeze your perineum muscle, anyway once I got home my wife was like
    WOW what have u been doing.
  17. Silat4life

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    What have u got to lose?, if your scared maybe you should go to church :)
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  18. Narrue

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    I don’t need to go to church, too good to go to church, church is for sinners :D
  19. Narrue

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    Happy new year everyone! :)

    In order to understand something in its completeness it’s often important to divide it up, learn the role of each component and then put it all back together to see the bigger picture.
    A doctor will learn the role of the individual components of the body and that way understand the whole, the astronomer divides the night sky into constellations and then puts it back together.

    Health and fitness is a popular subject this time of year, new beginnings, new plans, new goals. First off in order to get somewhere we have to have a plan or understand what it is we are trying to achieve. A builder must have a plan before he starts construction yet we often jump into things without really having a plan.

    Balance and fitness, are two words that I think go well together on all levels, diet, exercise, education etc. If we concentrate on one particular type of exercise the result must be unbalanced and therefore unhealthy e.g. excessive weight lifting. Similarly if our diet consisted mainly of one food group the result will also be unhealthy e.g. a diet consuming excessive quantity’s of fatty or high protein food types. If balance equates to health then perhaps we should consider what balance is first.
    Balance is achieved when two or more components/quality’s are present in equal amounts/values, in terms of exercise the result would be a healthy body condition.
    It is clear that in order to achieve balance we need to know precisely what components/quality’s the body consists of, how else could you balance something if you don’t know what components/quality’s you are trying to balance?

    So we are back to the beginning, in order to understand something you need to break it up and then put it back together.
    Once we design exercise to address each component part/quality then we have a plan, once we have a plan we know where we are going and an idea of what will be achieved. That is the importance of having a plan, knowing where you are going or what you are building.

    We can brake up the body in two ways, 1 components 2 qualities. The body is often broken up into components and through exercising these components a full body workout is achieved. Weekly exercise in gyms often devotes particular days to legs, buttocks, stomach and upper body or weights and cardio. Through breaking up the body into muscle groups and exercising different groups on different days full body health is thought to be achieved.

    I recently thought of breaking up the body into qualities rather then components. I believe exercise based around balancing qualities rather then components is a truer approach to balance and therefore health.
    To do this you simply ask yourself what qualities does a healthy body possess and then put them into categories. Your weekly exercise is then divided not into exercising muscle groups or weights and cardio but instead performing exercise to enhance qualities in a balanced way. Below is a plan I devised on qualities just to illustrate the concept.

    1 Stability, Rooting

    2 Strength

    3 Speed, explosiveness

    4 fluidity, flexibility

    5 Agility, sensitivity, coordination

    6 Resilience (respiration)

    7 Vitality (Internal)

    8 Balance, Focus, will

    9 Meditative, stillness (no physical exercise involved in this category)

    As you can see a plan based on balancing qualities encompasses a much broader field of study then one based on components e.g. muscle groups, weights and cardio.
  20. pengolahanjunki

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    We do hard/fast, hard/slow, which is langka with full body isometric tension and full dada. Also kuda kuda, but holding it staticly and then doing slow squats while holding the position. One of my favorites as well as the most painful is what we call lidi. Pengolahan is always hard as well as extremely pleasurable to me as well. I'm not sure how much and what we share with other styles, but I'd imagine it is quite a bit.....

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