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  1. WorldChampTKD

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    Hey. I'm testing for my yellow belt with a stripe next month. I know I'm very much a begginer, but I'm very confident in what I do, and I wanna know when i could start competing in like little tournaments or something like that. Aren't there like begginers divisions and stuff? I'd like to know how it works, 'cuause I would love to compete, but can I yet? Or do I have to wait 'till I'm a higher rank? Let me know what ya think ok? Thanks! :)
  2. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Now!! Why wait, especially if your confident of yourself. Just ask your instructor.
  3. WorldChampTKD

    WorldChampTKD New Member

    He'll know when events are? Ok, cool, I have class tomorrow morning I'll talk to him about it...Thanks!
  4. neryo_tkd

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    u definitely have to ask ur instructor. u can't do it without him. he is the one who sends the application forms, names of competitors, pays the fee (at least that's the way things are done here).

    u say u r a yellow belt...well, which style r u training? i am teaching WTF, and we start with white, white with a yellow stripe, yellow, yellow with a green that the way u get ur belts?
    as u urself put it, u r a beginner, but u have to talk to ur instructor first because it all depends on the competition. sometimes the lowest belt that can participate is red, sometimes blue, sometimes green....u get my point, right?
  5. WorldChampTKD

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    Right. and yes, thats how our belts work, except instead of a stripe the color of the next belt (like yellow with green stripe) it's just a black stripe in between each one. I'll talk to my instructor about it this morning. Thanks.
  6. Edward Hsu

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    For the beginner interestd in competition.....I would definitely go and observe a competition first and acquint yourself with the proper tournament etiquette.Competition can be an extremely nerve-wrecking experience.....

    At this year's USTU Adult National's..One of my student's, a 54 year old 2nd degree black belt competed in the'ULTRa'(over 33)division.He has been taking classes for almost 11 years, also he has been a successful trial attorney for the past 30 years was waiting to go up in the poomse event, waiting with him was the chief of police of Montgomery MD( where the sniper shootings tppk place last year) Both of them sat and remarked that that was the most nerve-wrecking experience of their lives!

    P.S. My student took gold in both poomse and gyroogi:)
  7. hocsr

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    There are a lot of local tournaments that are good for a beginner. You will be placed against someone in the same belt class and weight group. But remember, a lot of competitors go to tournaments one or two belts lower than their actual rank, so be prepared for that. Check on the web for tournaments in your area and bring them to your master, a lot of times he won't know about a tournament as he is too busy. Also, check the USTU website, they list a lot of sanctioned tournaments. Good Luck

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