Combat sports don't work in the street

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by Dead_pool, Aug 16, 2019.

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    While I'm not usually one to criticise police and I try to give them more benefit of the doubt than the average person (and dude did have a gun after all) I always find the "stop resisting" thing odd. You're choking the dude. No human being while being choked, which is a lethal situation to be in, is going to completely stop moving or stop trying to reach for your hands to relieve the pressure that, as far as he's concerned, is killing him.

    Still fair play for doing that in a way that nobody got killed, and I'm very much arm chair QBing, I get they're panicking and adrenaline dumping too, but still. It's just something I always find a bit silly.
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    He wasn't being choked, if he was it could of been finished a lot quicker.

    I'm pretty sure it's so legally they've given them the option of not resisting arrest, and it looks better to any bystanders too.

    But yea, after the first eight warnings had been ignored it does seem silly, there must be a reason for it though.
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    Perception though. He clearly wasn't being fully choked, but you could hear in his voice and in his breathing that he was being constricted. If you've never been choked before that sets in enough panic to not know the difference. Same jam with when you see people complaining about someone trying to break their arm when its just being held in a painful lock. Average peeps don't know the difference, and the instinctual panic and fight is no less real just because they're not objectively correct.

    Honestly I think its just adrenaline on the cops side. They know its a thing they say, and there's a decent enough amount of evidence for people repeating what they see all the time on tv to think cops are susceptible to it too, and I'm sure in their head in the moment they are giving someone the option and asking them to comply. I also don't think they really did anything wrong, they're dealing with a potentially deadly encounter and the fact I've just seen a US cop video of someone with a gun that was ended without death or severe injury is a credit to the officers involved. It's just a small observation of how, sitting back in safety watching it, its something that seems to happen quite a lot and I do find it a bit silly.

    Although, I do also think its important for proportionality. In this video its cool, dude has a gun and police really are just restraining him. They handled it far better than a lot of footage I've seen. But there have been others where officers assume someone is resisting and amp up the pressure when really the suspect is either acting entirely naturally (and there's levels to that. A natural reaction is to keep fighting but obvs officers will fight back, but small flails or grasping at arms, if there's no real threat behind it, should be accepted as reality), or is actually unable to comply. Either because they've got him in a position where he can't, or because multiple officers are giving him different orders.
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    You don't need to speak that language to realize there is only 1 Youtube video. It's a re-enactment. It has to be, there's no evidence of this attack ever happening other than a Gracie marketing video.
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    Yet this assault was reported to the internet by no one other than a Gracie family business. There's no evidence this ever went out on social media unless you mean advertising media.

    Anybody with a link to anything is welcome to prove me wrong. I love being proven wrong! But a hella lot of Youtube videos are fakes, misdirection, and yep, ad blitzes. This screams ad blitz to me. The Max Headroom term is "blipvert", and yes, it made my head explode (metaphorically).
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    When did this video become "public"? With this 1 Youtube video, so far. Very convenient how the Gracie's have the only video of this, and put out an offer, and told all the ladies to sign up for classes. I think they read about an assault and made up a video about it. Dark road, late, rapist...BJJ wins! If it wasn't so cliche I might buy it hook to sinker.
  7. Dead_pool

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    Any court report will be in Portuguese, so if you don't look in Portuguese, you won't find the court evidence.

    You can't close your eyes and then say "look theirs no supporting evidence."
  8. Grond

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    I'm pretty sure Dead Pool told me not to trust Youtube comments. Not that would normally do that. So I'd be cautious about the bolded Youtube comment that does not contain any actual useful information.

    Look, even an ignoramus like me can do it.

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    There's no evidence, period. Just a video in English that I believe is, shall I say, nonsense.
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    So you haven't looked for any supporting evidence, but you don't think it's real, because you haven't seen any supporting evidence?

    Can you see how that approach is problematic.
  11. Mushroom

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    I literally only found about this vid via facebook.

    Not arguing that this one is neither real nor fake. I am simply saying that a lot of crap can be found on the internet, especially on social media and its not necessarily reported on the news.

    Surely I'm not the only one to see NSFW cctv footage filmed off a screen posted (mostly on) facebook pages like Ladbible or via friends with weird links on whatsapp.

    If every single crime was reported on and broadcasted by the news, you would'nt wanna leave your house. Also Freedom of Information is varied per country, per case, per victim etc.
    But social media is blurring these lines and they both help and hinder ongoing investigations (if they even exist)
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    Mod note: Grond- please watch the masked profanity. I know you have been on here long enough to know it isn't allowed. Thanks.
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    I'm really sorry about that. I was thinking with my fingers instead of my mind again.

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