Combat Hapkido in Pittsburgh?

Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by CriticalDog, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. CriticalDog

    CriticalDog Valued Member

    I found (or at least, I thought I found) a website a few weeks ago that stated someone had a school that was offering Combat Hapkido in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

    I have since scoured Googled trying to find it again, and I'm not having a lot of luck. It's not the place in New Castle.

    Any ideas, folks?
  2. CriticalDog

    CriticalDog Valued Member

    Well, it's been a year. Any luck? :)
  3. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    you tell us, how's your research going?
  4. CriticalDog

    CriticalDog Valued Member

    Sadly, other than the previously mentioned places I haven't found anything. Oh, there is a "Tactical Hapkido" place, but I'm not touching that with a 10' pole.
  5. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    why tactical or combat? why not just regular ol' hapkido?
  6. CriticalDog

    CriticalDog Valued Member

    As I said, there is only one Hapkido specific school local to me (and by local, I mean a 70 minute drive) that is a bit out of my price range. There is a scarcity of Hapkido in Pittsburgh, PA. :(

    I posted this originally when I was scouring the internet for Hapkido places in my area, and I thought I had seen a place that had Combat Hapkido, but I didn't bookmark it and was never able to find it again.
  7. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    is there some other thread you're talking in, because i don't see any of this other stuff you say you've said.

    but anyway, let's make the set bigger. why "hapkido" of any stripe?

    is there any martial art near enough to you to train? surely, you can find aikido, karate, muay thai, bjj, judo, boxing, etc. somewhere near you? or are you dead-set on <x> hapkido only?
  8. CriticalDog

    CriticalDog Valued Member

    I sincerely apologize, I am conflating threads I posted or created a year ago. :)

    I was a Kuk Sool student in my 20's, getting close to Black Belt before a series of events unfolded that took me out of Martial Arts for several years. Since then, I have dabbled in a few different arts over the years, and am currently a TKD student, slated to test for 2nd Dan in February of 2018. I am now an almost 43 year old man, but ...

    I have long missed the joint locking goodness of Kuk Sool, however, and knowing that Hapkido and Kuk Sool were VERY closely related, I was hoping to find a Hapkido place in the area to cross train in, as I would love, eventually, to teach at my local YMCA or something and I think Hapkido makes an EXCELLENT companion art with TKD.
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  9. Giovanni

    Giovanni Well-Known Member Supporter

    gotcha. well best of luck. i hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I don't know of any Combat Hapkido in PA, but there are some good Hapkido guys around. Looking at the map, I see that GM Beluschak has a school in Clairton (looks like about 10 miles outside of Philly... keep in mind I do not know the area, so take this with a grain of salt). He teaches Sin Moo Hapkido and Judo, and holds some seriously high rank from Ji Han-jae Dojunim. Aside from that, a few years back we inherited a student from him who was a 2nd dan in Hapkido... excellent foundation and skills (as well as good in Judo). Might be worth taking a look if Hapkido is what you want.

    Our Staff | John Beluschak's American Judo-Hapkido Institute
  11. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I dug a little more and came across Master Cosentino who has a school in Verona, PA (about 10 miles from Pittsburgh according to google maps)... looks like he teaches Hapkido with a background in both 'traditional' and 'Combat' Hapkido.

    He lists himself as " Master Instructor In Traditional Hapkido (Under SGM Hwang In-Shik & Grand Master Tae Jung, WHA-World Hapkido Association)". And he mentions a 3rd dan from Combat Hapkido

    I don't him personally or even by reputation. If he is/was a student of GM Hwang In-shik, then I would be very optimistic... his students come up the long hard way to any sort of rank and normally very good. Might be worth checking out.

    Master Joe Cosentino

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