Collegiate, HS, Folkstyle? Scoring?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by belltoller, Nov 10, 2015.

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    Cornish looks fun though. I like all those folk wrestling styles.

    I thought there might be some Glima in Finland when I moved here, I would have loved to have a pop at that, but nope. Some loverly big throws!

    [ame=""]Icelandic Glima Action Highlights Video 1 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Can't remember where you said you lived. That does sound like an active schedule. We are still on the youth level so we only go to whatever tournaments we want. It is good to practice at least twice a week, three times would be even better.

    Around here we don't have to drive more then a half hour or so until the end of the season for the state championships. Usually the schools that are matched up are also supposed to be close to one another.

    Take heart in the fact that unlike your son's boxing this is a season sport, and once that season is over you are done for several months.

    So far, it's been worth it. Like I said you only have to deal with this chaos for a few months. During the off season there may be some stuff you might like to go to but that will usually be at your leisure.

    Where I am at here in Michigan in the United States it works like this. Before middle school your child can find a club to join. Those clubs generally go to tournaments that an organization puts on. Where I live the two organizations that put on the most tournaments are MyWay and USA. MyWay only does Folkstyle and is the larger of the two in this state. USA does Freestyle and Greco-Roman. When your kid hits middle school if you join the school team then you don't participate in MyWay or USA tournaments until after the regular school season is over. Same with High School.

    No problem. Happy to help. I know it can be hectic but it is worth it in the long run believe me. Talk to your kid's coach about the time requirements and ask him what his suggestion is. If things are crunching one week you may not go to one tournament or another. I would focus on the practices.
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    lol, insane!

    That reminds me of




    Youth wrestling is under the HS wrestling programme umbrella. Its a feeder for the High School. They do their practise in the HS wrestling gym, the coaches are HS coaches and they compete against the same schools the HS wrestling team competes against. I'd of never known of its existance had it not been for my son's football coach recommending us to it. The programme doesn't seem to be advertised in any of the local middle schools or mentioned any where else.

    It's really good in that the little ones have access to all the training and experience that the HS athletes do. Some of the HS team's best wrestlers stay after their training session is done and help the coaches give individual attention, do demos of drills, etc. - on top of that is also the 'big brother' aspect - the kids really want to emulate the older HS stars and that helps.

    At the same time, as you were mentioning USA Wrestling, the Youth programme is also part of that org. The comps during the week are through the HS but the tournaments on the weekend are through membership in USAW. They have the regular tournaments on Sat and beginners (under 2 years of wrestling experience). They do the tournaments during the season (youth wrestling, those not enrolled in HS 9-12)

    The best of both worlds.

    They also have Greco and Freestyle during the out-of-season. Folkstyle ( which we are in) is up until March.

    Sounds like yours are in a very similar programme.

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