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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by flashlock, May 15, 2007.

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    Here is a clip that you might want to see.


    So is this something that is done in your location of old Guf?

    I was watching it again, terrible weak stance, bad for the knees. You can even see how weak it is with his Pajamas on.

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    As stated, he was terminated from our organization some time prior to this fight and no one could stop his challenge. In fact after my conversations with the Gracie's I really didn't think it would happen and in fact was told at that time, that it wouldn't happen. We already knew that he was doing it for nothing more then for publicity even if he had to humiliate himself. In fact he wrote an article in one of the magazines about his exploits. His writing in magazines was my fault as I got him into with the magazines at first.
    Grandmaster Kuoha
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    No. That's not something done at my old location. USSD doesn't even teach a Tiger Crane form. I ran USSD schools. The Tiger Crane set is Hung Gar. I taught Shaolin Kempo...not Hung Gar. I'm not qualified to do so. Um, the stance is called an "A" stance and it's for building up leg muscles...not for fighting unless you're in Wing Chun. From what I have read, they do almost everything from an "A" stance. Stop trying to attack me for someone that isn't my student...never was my student...isn't my old school and quite frankly, looks like it's in NYC and not California where I am located.

    This is my Kung Fu Sifu doing that form

    I don't have the form yet.
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    Nothing was said about the Gracie's combat matches in Brazil. I was told that this match would not happen on the phone and it was said that it would be like beating up an old man that couldn't walk, yet the fight still happened, even after being told it would not happen due to the reasoning why he wanted the challenge. I did tell them that their white belt could take him in a battle as said again, and I still believe that. The response to no holds bar fight was made on the original tape and in one of his printed comments that if it was really a no holds barred fight, Conway would have done better...and maybe he would have, we will never know. A no holds bar fight is indeed different from these challenges and if you are fighting for your life...then it is anything goes, including snapping of necks, biting, ripping, etc.. I agree things like this are not practical in a challenge match no matter what kind of paper you sign as someone would surely be going to prison...but in the street if being attacked, you fight to win and if killing is a part of that, then it happens. If you're wrong it's prison and if you're's self defense. But this is not what I was referring to. It was a response to Scot's comments on film and in printed magazines. Gracies have proved themselves over and over again...everyone knows that. You don't think I know anything about no holds barred fights. My dad was a champion lua man in Hawaii and has killed a few of his opponents and tho' he never talked about these things, my grand parents told me about them. I believe all this bothered my dad all his life. Plus I have witnessed my dad killing someone at a bar...and that in itself is pretty scarring. But to me that is a no-holds barred fight

    Read my response again and knowing all the details might give you a better light of what I am trying to imply or relate. Yet having said that Scot had a way of speaking to people and making them believe what he wanted them to maybe there was more to this story then any of us will ever know. Either way it was a totally one sided match all the way. In my opinion it should have never happened looking at it after the fact and what we have. If I took on everyone that ever challenged me when I was young, I would have been fighting several times a day. Not to practical or mature. Don't you agree? Ask yourself, is training in the martial arts to be better then any other arts or is it for your own self preservation?
    My $.02
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    I understand that you did not come on here to start a GJJ/BJJ vs Kempo debate, hence why I did not choose to go down that route. But I will say, that your assertions about the differences between challenge matches and "real" fights are quite off-base, as I doubt that Mr. Conway or anyone for that matter trained in the way he has would suddenly be effective at killing someone when he can't even stop himself from getting rear-mounted and choked. Also when introducing the concept of "really trying to hurt someone" it is often neglected that the other guy is just as free to do that to you too, and in the case of the BJJ challenge matches, that other guy is more than likely to be in a much better vantage point to boot (pun intended).
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    I am not attacking you Guf, I am asking you about it :confused: .

    I figured you might know the kata and the stance, everything else you said is helpful. Hope your training in BJJ is going well.

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    I know of the Kata, but don't have it yet. I have to finish Gun Gee *** Fu before I even learn the Tiger Crane set.

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