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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Wolf, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Wolf

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    I was visiting family in Tennessee this past weekend, when I saw a school called "Street Kung Fu: Clear's Silat" They were advertising One Touch Knockouts and such like that. So I did a google on "Clear's Silat", and found the site for the owner and his schools. Turns out this school in TN is the headquarters for this guy. From what I've seen it looks pretty questionable, I just wanted to perspective of some real Silat practitioners before I really jump to snap judgements. Thanks.
  2. Kiai Carita

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    Why do you think it looks pretty questionable?


  3. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    I guess more than anything, any site that advertises a curriculum in one touch knockouts and sells them on tape always raises a red flag for me. That's why I wanted input from others.
  4. pakehraja

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    I visited the site. It seems more like Kung fu stuff. I'd never heard of one touch knockout and hardly pressure point stuff in silat (to my limited knowledge). I might be wrong though. The uniform is obviously kung fu.
    Perhaps this has to do with the fact that in Indonesia, Kung fu are also sometime called silat. There are several silats in indonesia which are actually a version of Kung fu, but they use the indonesian generic term for martial art, i.e. silat.
  5. Silatyogi

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    KNockouts and pressure points

    Well You should See Serak/ Bukti Negara Kilat Silat Tuo

    Guru Cliff Stewart Knocked out 12 guys at the Miami seminar this after noon. Including myself. AND YES I TRIED TO HIT HIM AND ATTACK HIM AND TOUCH and he just parried used langkah a few motions from Serak Djuru One hit my pressure point and Down I went like a pancake.

    Pressure points and knockouts are possible especialy in SILAT

  6. britsilatinmt

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    In the older silat styles, urat saraf ( i probably spelt that wrong exists) although in styles influenced by indian arts its called marma adi (secret knowledge). My teacher Steven Benitez sent me to southern india to train in a kalari for a few months. The central kalaripayatt style, which is practiced by sufi muslims, and that i was very privaledged to train in as its rather secretive, has a lot of similarities to silat. I believe this style influenced, or was influenced by some silat styles.

    The nerve points are different to those of the chinese arts in both kalari and silat, and the theory of attacking is slightly different in silat and the three styles of kalari. In the urat saraf i was shown, the keris actually charts the points on the body, which interestingly enough the Otta does in kalari. I never trained attempting to knock people out with them tho, although in india, a dutch guy who doubted the points tried a combination of three on himself by slapping them, and put himself on the floor.
  7. DAT

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    Can't speak of his advertising or claims of a one touch KO but I trained with him a few days at a Uncle Bill seminar and he seemed knowledgeable and generally a nice guy. I would definately give him a try. Like Uncle Bill his Silat is ecclectic and is mixed or flavored with Bagua and other arts.
  8. Kiai Carita

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    Salaam Britsilatnmt,

    You mention the keris actually charting the urat syaraf of the marma adi. Could you tell me which keris? I have a little knowledge of keris having being brought up looking after my family's collection. There are over 200 shapes (dhapur) of keris with as many pamor (damascene patterns). What dhapur or pamor charts the urat syaraf?


    Kiai Carita
  9. britsilatinmt

    britsilatinmt New Member

    Hi Kiai,
    Its the dhapur that charts the points. The keris is fascinating when you get into studying it at a subtle level, as you know, and im sure ive only touched the surface.

    Steves back from indonesia now, when you see him ask if he will show you, I should think that he will
    best wishes
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  10. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Problem with Steve is he has very little time. I am meeting him on Monday insya'allah, to talk about the kembangan do I am stirring up for and will not be near the keris. Also it is very rude to say to someone, 'can I see your keris, please?' I was hoping to get some info from you first. Yesterday I met Des and Richard and they said the chart was in the movement of the keris play. As you three walisongo students are telling me two different things I suppose I should ask Steve. I would really like to meet Ma Prem too. Have you?

    Steve and I have several times talked about keris and he has mentioned marma adi ... the impression that I got was that the chart was on the dapur. But I did not ask questions to make it clear. I was wondering whether it is a traditional dapur or one designed seretly for the purpose and what dapur it was. This knowledge is not available in the world of kerisology in Jawa -as far as I know. I am sure Jawa keris lovers would be proud and loud about this if they knew that a certain dapur -Carita, for instance- had the marma adi in it!


  11. Silk Road

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    Hey Kyai,

    Come to think of it I have heard that dapur Carita is good for digging at Westerners :)

    Sorry Bro, I just couldn't resist :D

  12. britsilatinmt

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    no, i didnt mean the chart is in the shape of the keris, sorry if you thought that. They are correct about the chart and movements, but you can plot with the keris on someones body the points

    and i wasnt suggesting that you ask him to show you his, he can explain without that
  13. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    <<Carita, for instance- had the marma adi in it!



    You should contact Guru Cliff Stewart about Marma Adi and pressure points in Silat. His knowlegde is extremely impressive.


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