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Discussion in 'Routine Critique' started by deches, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. deches

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    I have a specific circuit I do at the end of every boxing session (3 times a week) and want to know if there's anything I should change or add in to make sure I'm hitting all muscle groups and all that (I'm not just a boxer I'm an overall martial artist who loves trying new things, I've trained in various martial arts and also train in Krav Maga currently). Anyway here's the circuit

    I do 3 sets of this (Be mindful my muscles are aching after the boxing session when I do this so it's not meant to be a super intense circuit but more something that's going to improve my strength and endurance over time)

    20 press ups
    10 squat jumps
    20 squats
    30 sit ups
    50 star jumps
    10 jack knives
  2. LandonS

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    Personally Id rather do a more challenging abdominal exercise. Rollouts spring to mind and they also work your lats and chest to some degree. Or walkouts which is similar to a standing rollout without the roller if youd like to keep the routine purely bodyweight.

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