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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Narrue, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Kiai Carita

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    Peace to all,

    And to specially Narrue: I think you have been a naughty boy, young man. The photo you vandalised to put up on this thread was not taken by you so you should at least have the adab and the hormat to mention the source. Also you should not vandalise someones work like that. Who did you blot out? Is it Gorka Echarri? Anyway, please fix this problem and I will answer your other questions as good as I can.

    Warm salaams to all,
  2. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    Hmmm… Making assumptions about my actions and representing me as a bad person without knowing the facts. I know the person in that picture very well and he would not want his picture to be shown on the net. for what other reason would I do it.
  3. nechesh

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    I don't know Narrue, why do you do any of the things you do? :rolleyes:
    When you are all grown up one day and look back on the silly things you said and did in your youth will you still feel so righteous in your actions?
    BTW, you say you know the figure you blotted out would not want to appear on the web. Did you bother to ask the other 3 how they felt about it? Where did you lift this photo from anyway? It would seem that lifting stuff is one of your specialties, given your actions on the modern keris vs. old keris thread. :rolleyes:
  4. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    Hello nechesh, Ha-ha good to hear from you. I put a post on the keris forum maybe you can help me with an answer?

    As I said I know the guy very well so why are all you guys so bothered about it. I was sent the picture by a very good friend of mine in Indonesia.
  5. Gorka

    Gorka Valued Member

    Hi everyone,

    Before all, thanks a lot to Silk Road and to Kyai Carita for their kind words about my website and my work.

    About Cimande Banten, when I talked about Cimande to my indonesian friends some years ago, it becomes very clear that in Java their was 2 main historical spots for Cimande "Banten area" and "Tari Kalot area".
    Some true searchers are going in Tari Kalot area to look for the Cimande coming from this spring. But none of them are really deep in the "Banten area Cimande". That's why I did it :)
    In Banten, Cimande is a very famous style, a lot of people is practising it (like soccer in France...). Cimande is the name of the style and then you have different schools. The school that I study is called Cimande Macan Guling (Macan Guling meaning rolling tiger). In this style their is empty hands jurus, weapons jurus, langkahs, tiger mannerism, monkey mannerism, rituals... and so on... As most of the traditional Schools from Banten the Debus are connected to the Pencak Silat schools some are doing Debus some not but they are going together during demonstrations, celebrations...
    On the photo on this thread you can see Pak Abdurachan (Debus leader of the PPPSBBI), Pak Jalam (oldest teacher in direct family lineage from the founder of a very famous bantenese style called Terumbu - oldest style from Banten XVII century), the "ghost" shade is probably myself or my friend as we took 2 photos in this place with this great men and then you've got Pak Herry (Guru Dewan from Cimande Macan Guling) this photo has been taken in the PPPSBBI office in Serang city 1 or 2 years ago.

    If you need/want any further informations about this styles, I'll do my best to answer to your questions with my approximative english...

    If you have some knowledge in french language (if not, you'veg ot the galleries :) ) you've got my website :
    or my forum on which I've just opened a special "english language" part at :

    Thanks for your interest
    Happy to read you soon
    Gorka - France
  6. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Welcome to Gorka

    Peace to all and welcome to this forum Gorka,

    I have been looking at your website with interest for a while and it is nice to be able to make aquaintance here. I checked out your English language forum but unfortunately I don't have the French to register and post. I will try later when I have more time by guesswork. Right now I am in East Jawa and am just about to go to my rice fields to do some weeding. When I have more time I will post on your forum. I saw that my friend Jeff Davidson has already posted there.

    Narrue, congratulations for having Gorka as a friend. I wonder why he told you he did not want to have his image posted? I do actually have a little info about Jawanese astrology that might interest you but until you do the right thing and say where you lifted the photo from I don't think that I should respond to your question. It is plain and simple universal courtesy to say where you took an image / text from when you use it.

    Once again thank you to Gorka for bringing first hand and authentic Cimande Banten on to the forum.

    Warm salams to al,
  7. Kareema

    Kareema Valued Member

    Bon Jour Mssr. Gorka,

    Your website is tres bien :) I especially enjoyed the videos. Perhaps if I practice for another 10 years, I can move as well as that child in the first clip. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  8. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    As I think I have already mentioned that photo was given to me by an Indonesian friend of mine. Nothing has changed since, I did not get it from the net as I already told you.
  9. RAMANA1

    RAMANA1 New Member

    salaams brother,once again very informative..
  10. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Salam hormat all,
    I called my teacher, Pak Lek and I called Pak Lek's teacher embah...That is it!
  11. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Three books on Cimande, 60 videos? Holly mackerel! :)
    However, Pendekar title does not ring the bell with me... :confused:
    Lemmme go back to train my forehead :bang:
  12. RAMANA1

    RAMANA1 New Member

    gorka-do you not give pendekar sanders for the time you spent with him??why not?could you explain to me,a novice the difference between the system you study now and the cimande you did with pendekar sanders?thankyou very much sir--
  13. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    Huh? :confused:
    I think you mistaken me with somebody else.
    I'm a nobody and I don't think I'm worthy enough to be with Pendekar Sanders.
    Sorry to disappointed you,
  14. Buddy

    Buddy Valued Member

    You made me spit my coffee on my keyboard.
  15. Steve Perry

    Steve Perry Valued Member

    Beginner's Mind

    For the record, Brother Tristan, who claims to be a beginner who learned a few things from reading some old magazines, has been studying and teaching Tjimande (Cimande) for longer than many of the posters in the this thread have been alive. He is one of a few teachers in the U.S. that my own instructor considers the Real Deal.

    He is pretty good at being humble about it, and at blowing smoke so that people actually believe he doesn't know much. That's a mistake on their part.

    If Brother Tristan is a lightweight, then comparatively speaking I am helium ...
  16. RAMANA1

    RAMANA1 New Member

    i think that is great!how about sharing some info with us..not evreyone is blessed to live on either the east or west coast (where many big name players are)and yes i know stevan personally,and he speaks well of tristan..if there is cimande training to be had,lets do it..most people have only seen pah herman or william sanders cimande....what is the difference between them ?what are the similarities?how close does sera look in regards to cimande?--thankyou
  17. Jawara

    Jawara New Member

    For what its worth, I have no connection to any perguruan Cimande outside of Indonesia, but over the past 10 years or so whenever the subject of Sundanese Cimande in the United States has come up amongst my knowlegable associates, three names have always been mentioned as rock solid authorities: Herman Suwanda (May God Rest His Soul); Guru Yana; and the low profile and self-depreciating Pak Tristan.

  18. RAMANA1

    RAMANA1 New Member

    thanyou sir,who and where is guru yana in the usa?
  19. Orang Jawa

    Orang Jawa The Padi Tribe-Guardian

    **if there is cimande training to be had,lets do it..

    Okay, you first....

    **most people have only seen pah herman or william sanders cimande....
    what is the difference between them ?

    Pak Herman did the Mande Munda, some of Mande Muda techniques are borrow from Cimande and Cikalong.
    Pendekar Sanders did the Cimande kasar and borrow other silat techniques. At least the last time I saw his video briefly. approx 7 years ago.

    **how close does sera look in regards to cimande?

    Honestly I'm not the authority in Cimande, but some of the sera have resemblance of cimande and vise versa.

    Kembali, would you care to introduce yourself?
    It is a very impolite asking too many questions without introducing yourself, right?

    Brother Steve, you are to kind. :Angel:
    Buddy, don't drink coffee while reading.. :rolleyes:
    Jawara, No I'm not :) :eek:

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