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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by CFT, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Hey, Chris is at it again - promoting kung fu to the public

    Actually it's an Einstein Year project with a physicist from the Institute of Physics. Lots of well thought out physics, some fairly basic equations coupled with empirical data. A pretty good read in itself.

    But ... what really helps is that the physicist is a real looker. See for yourself at:
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    I haven't checked it out yet, but I would hope that it is kind of an in depth study. I've seen people talk about the "physics of karate/kung fu/boxing etc" just by quoting F=ma repeatedly. Unfortunately, the body is too complicated to apply something this simple to it. Or at least, you would have to know quite precisely how much mass is actually used and also the acceleration, how do you measure that? Likely, it is over a very short distance, which would make it highly inaccurate. KE =(1/2)*mv^2 is also not much simpler in this case, yet it is cited repeatedly.
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    can physicis really look that fly WOW should of learned physics
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    I will do my utmost to ensure that Michelle is offered tenure at Purdue University! :cool: :D
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    Interesting web site!

    Had to scroll to the very end ...
    [EXPAND="Does Michelle have what it takes to do the break?"]Yes she does! ;[/EXPAND]
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    "Kung fu is very different from western-style boxing"

    Just how knowledgeable is this guy in kung fu? The very notion that "kung fu" is "quick, precise" strikes is quite an overstatement. There are thousands of styles of "kung fu" some emphasize quick, snappy motion, some use hard, powerful motion, some are internal, some are internal. This guy seems to talk like any other major public MA figure with his know-it-all knowledge about kung fu.

    Depending on your style you many not even have a fully enclosed fist in the entire system! I can't speak for other styles but in Choy Lay Fut, a major kung fu system, we fight quite similarly to boxers, and even many of our swing punches are akin to the boxing equivalents.

    "Boxers use punches with long follow through, as they are aiming to knock their opponent over."

    Wow! I can think of many other martial art styles that aim for the same thing, including karate, hung gar, choy lay fut, muay thai etc! It would be a shame if we DIDN'T aim for a KO with a Sao Choy.

    Anyways, besides this guy's knowledge about kung fu, everything else is good. Cheers to Michelle for putting physics and kung fu together.
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    meh it was so so, its nothing i havent learned already from MAP hehe. plus he was only giving a few methods of doing the goals rather, with the generic term "kung fu".

    people break boards with palm strikes, he doesn't explain this... does that mean all kung fu experts use karatee chops to break boards and "throw their body weight into it" like he suggested? no.

    one mirrage trick martial artsists do is to create airspace/gaps with sticks/pencils/wood between each board or concrete slab... this allows the force to break the boards below and allow the energy to travel to the next board. this is using physics to create an illusion that they are breaking all the boards... however this is not mentioned

    he also doesnt mention iron palm training, or any methods for preventing hand problems when doing such tricks.

    boards don't hit back! ~bruce lee

    ps: his hand strikes did not look like my type of kung fu, so i dont see him as a great kung fu expert. he should state the kung fu he is trying to perform, not a generic word. at the same time, he is a good webpage designer and did well working with a physist but that doesnt make him an expert in explaining kung fu scientifically.

    lots of kung fu use different science. in wing chun, we use the centerline and bodies geometry to get our defense and moves from, its kung fu and not explained here... hehe. i'm just saying... this demo is generic
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    I was under the impression she did the website? Which was quite cool and I enjoyed going through it.
  11. xen

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    i think this is aimed at getting kids into physics by showing them something exciting to capture their imagination.

    it's not about how chris's style, lineage or talant compares to yours.

    keep some perspective on things.
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    a bb in kf? and he kypes more like a japanese stylist. his clawing style looks weird. His comparason between boxing and kf punches were kind of wrong. boxers also aim to the center of the body and have quick strikes, and recoil. kf strikes should also follow thru with intent to ko.

    I didn't bother reading too much of the stuff. too much calculatiions.
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    well even Bruce Lee hit a few boards in his time ;)

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    I don't like it when anybody makes generalizations about what "Kung Fu" does or doesn't do. It's just too broad. Pretty much the only generalization you can make about "Kung Fu" is "kung fu refers to various systems of unarmed and armed combat developed over at least 2 or 3 thousand years within the massive area of land we now call 'China'."

    When it comes to actually saying what "the Kung Fu guy" will do in a fight I think you'll find it nearly impossible to make a single statement that will apply to all styles of CMA. Kung Fu moves tend to be linear? (No, what about Taiji?) Kung Fu moves tend to be circular? (No, what about Wing Chun?) Kung Fu moves tend to emphasize striking over grappling? (No, what about shuai-jiao?) Kung fu practitioners prefer to use a fist? (No, what about Bagua-zhang?) Kung fu practitioners prefer to use an open palm or the fingers? (No, what about Fanzi-quan?) Emphasize kicking, don't emphasize infinitum.

    You have to say "Seven-star Praying Mantis places strong emphasis on..., the Taiji practitioner will tend to use..., Hung Gar practitioners tend to do a lot of hard qigong training, etc."
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