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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by CFT, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. CFT

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    I was going to post a light hearted article about Grandmaster Ip Shui, but then found out that he had passed away yesterday. Condolences to the Praying Mantis community, in particular Chow Gar Praying Mantis.

    I saw him in a UK TV programme about 2 weeks ago (Travel Sick, FTN; originally made for Bravo TV). The presenter was in Hong Kong taking on wacky challenges, one of which was to kick a kung fu master in the nuts. The KF master in question was sifu Ip Chee Kueng of Chow Gar Praying Mantis, who also practices a testicle retraction skill. Of course he was impervious to the presenters kicks; but the presenter got a taste of his own medicine even through a groin cup!!!

    Meanwhile, Ip Shui sifu is laughing his head off, smoking a cigarette, sitting on a chair and hitting himself on the family jewels. Presenter decides that he just had to challenge this "chain-smoking, out-of-shape 91-year old". Ip Shui sifu just slaps his punch out of the way and kicks the presenter in the goolies again, all in a seated position!!! Absolutely no effort at all.
  2. Visage

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    A great loss... :cry:
  3. ThaiMantis

    ThaiMantis New Member

    condolences.. all his family, friends and disciples.

    what i know of SPM came through Grandmaster Ip Shui and downwards, and i'll always be grateful for that gift.

    rest in peace.
  4. suiloong

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    I'm sure that the condolences are well recieved by all of the Chow Gar family.
    Unfortunately, Grandmaster Ip Shui passed away on the 27th April 2004.

    It is good to know that such a well respected man and martial artist is still so well respected after he has passed on.
  5. CFT

    CFT Valued Member

    suiloong, good eyes! I am such a dunce!!! My only excuse was that the date was 28 April yesterday and that I assumed the TV programme was filmed recently.
  6. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Ip Shui

    Hi CFT,

    I didnt know there was a show where that was filmed? Did you manage to record it? I thought you were reffering to the Mind, Body, Kick Ass BBC show but seems its a different thing altogether. Wouldnt mind getting a copy of that.

    I had the rare opportunity along with some of my fellow training brothers to go to Hong Kong in 2002 for Si Gung Ip Sui's birthday, when the Head of the system was passed down to his son Sifu Ip Chee Keung. We stayed with GM Ip Shui, trained there, cleaned the flat (felt like a kung fu movie :) ), spoke to him (well had things translated).

    He would get up very early every morning and pray (it was quite a soothing sound hearing him pray and watching him). Then he would go out, come back sometime later. If we were still asleep (bearing in mind it was still really quite early), he would tell us off and say we were lazy , as he had got up, gone to train in the park, eat and so on.

    Good memories and some funny stories. I accidently stepped on his cat once as it was behind me and Si Gung was showing some mantis stuff. I was missing out as i was cleaning so i walked back and the cat screamed and shot off. GM stopped what he was doing and made a funny comment about trying to kill his cat. He stopped showing what he was teaching and i got told off by my mates, hehe. :D.

    I have some pics up from the Birthday Celebration and of GM Ip Sui. Its on my site at

  7. CFT

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    I caught MBaKAM when it was on BBC3. My memory might be a bit faulty but there didn't seem to be a good exposition of Chow Gar Praying Mantis on that show. It mainly concentrated on the "testicle retraction skill" - which was impressive, but not what I would have chosen to present (if I was a BBC editor).

    This other program again concentrated on that same skill, but right end the end we saw Ip Shui sifu at his humorous best - he must have been a great martial artist.
  8. kismet

    kismet New Member

    Found and added the clip of GM Ip Sui and Ip Chee Keung taken from the Bravo Series - Travel Sick to my site

    Please read my note before viewing. Thanks
  9. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    That's funny! Nice one, Nish.
  10. bcbernam777

    bcbernam777 seeking the way

    I know its a bit late

    My understanding of Ip Shui was that he was a very acomplished martial artist, and one of the last true masters of the CMA. It was a sad day when he passed away, regardless of style v style, he had the respect of the MA community, may we strive to emulate the skill of men such as this
  11. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    Amen, bro!

    He really was an amazing man; he liked to laugh and was a mover 'n' shaker in Hong Kong MA circles since the beginning of the 40s. Definitely an inspiration to me and many others.

  12. Infrazael

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    This is a pretty late reply, but I believe I still need to pay my respect.

    David, ThaiMantis, it seems we're sister styles (I think that's what my Sihing said we were), because my Sifu Mak Hin Fai actually studied Chow Gar SPM under Sifu Ip Sui before doing CLF.

    Any loss of a great master is sad.


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